Sunday, December 16, 2012

Knapp Monarch heater

In recent weeks, I've posted many obscure status messages on FB, maybe some of them have confused you.  Probably you don't care, and that's ok too, I guess.  

Last one first?  Sure.  Several years ago I bought an electric heater at goodwill or someplace.  Maybe I got it out of a dumpster, I don't remember.  It's a Knapp Monarch Co, model 303 or 33 whatever.  I just learned it's an Iowa company, well, Monarch was, Knapp was from ST Louis.  

Anyway, it's has a steel base, and a chrome fronted reflective dish with a 1000 watt element in front of it.  The guard to keep cats out of the element is missing, I may be able to use a fan guard on there, I'll have to check.

The cord was rather frayed where it exits the back of the dish, so I removed it, and temporarily installed a cord to test the element.  IT works, so I proceeded.  Actually, that's not exactly true.  I cleaned the base and painted it first. 

Thanks to ebay, here's some pics.  Mine is not quite like the lower pic, but the upper pic is exactly how it looked, the fray and cord is exactly the same.

I cut off the cord, removed that little round cap, and hooked up a cord to test.    It works, so I attempted to use that cord, which was 14/2...plenty big enough to carry the current of 1000 watts....which is about 8 amps.  Doesn't fit thru the ceramic cord relief, which doesn't seem to work all that well.  I could remove it, but the thin steel would cut the cord.  

What I did is this:  there's a hole in the base, to hang the unit, I suppose.  I used that hole to bolt on a bracket, bolted a switch box to that, ran that big cord to the switch and then used a piece of 16/3 with the green wire removed to connect the heater to the switch.  The 14 cord is fairly long, which is nice, and when Christmas is over, we may use the remote outlet switcher unit to control it.  Or I may buy another one.

To ensure the connection was good on the element, I tinned the wire and wrapped it around the stud...I'm sure the PO tossed it because it wasn't working, due to the burned wires in that frayed mess.  Plus one side was kinda rusty, I suppose it was getting hot due to the extra resistance/bad wires.

Knapp Monarch made all sorts of stuff...irons, fans, waffle irons, curling irons, blow dryers, mess kits, therm a jugs, and hog troughs.  Lots more items, too, I'm sure.  Yes, I painted the switch box and bracket to match the base. Switch and cover are ivory, however.  This isn't American Restorations, after all.  :)