Sunday, October 23, 2016

7 weeks recovery

Nothing new to report for recovery, but you can bet that I'll type a while anyway, and maybe find a pic or 2 to post.

I've gone days in a row (how many? I don't know, didn't keep track. at least 3) with no advil. And then I take it because my neck is giving me a headache. I still have dizzy spells when I tilt my head left and look up. For example, imagine one of those trendy canister lights that are put into finished basements. Think about how you'd go about looking into the damn thing to hook up the tiny springs that keeps the trim ring snug to the times.

Ribs give me no trouble. Toes are the same, or maybe a little better. Road rash areas are the is a little thicker, and when there's direct pressure on those areas, it's uncomfortable still. Mostly the left index knuckle and the right wrist.

I spent some time tonight, between 2 and 3 hours working in my basement...I've been rearranging the thing, and the current project is the workbench and tool board behind the bench on the wall. The board measures almost 4' by about 3'.....which didn't seem big enough. And maybe it's not, I'm not sure yet. But....I've got my hammers hung, my pliers hung up, measuring and marking tools like the compass and rulers. I've made a hanger for my medium clamps and moved the smalls ones over to the new location. I have built a hanger for drills and jigsaw and biscuit cutter. The dremel thing will hang from a nail. 

I made a little shelf for spray lube and integrated storage for power screw driver things and pencil sharpeners. pry bars are hung, too. The problem I have are how to deal with the cords on often used items, like the dremel and glue gun....a hanger for them is easy enough, but often the cords don't cooperate.

What's next? Tool board will slow down now, I think and I'll start on either the miter saw station or table saw. Both are getting a total remake....

Made another shelf, repurposed a soap mold, made a drill bit block, which also holds the nail sets, and have no rib pain, no foot pain, not much shoulder pain ec. 

I'm still thankful that my injuries allowed me to come home and take care of myself. I'm thankful that I'm not more retarded than I have always been, thankful that I'm not more ugly than ever, and thankful to not be in pain. Also, glad to be alive. 

I suppose I should have saved that paragraph for next month. But I'm not that trendy. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

6 weeks recovery

But who's counting, right? 6 weeks ago today I got up, had a shower bent over in the tub (because the shower head was so low), packed up, and went next door to the combination McDonald's/gas station for breakfast. Lancaster, WI. Pretty crappy motel, actually. They had ice buckets, but no ice. The a/c made many attempts to start before running, was quite loud. But it wasn't too expensive, and was a place to sleep.

Recovery seems pretty much complete, except for a few minor details. Dizzy spells are fewer and less, as well as not as common or often, quite occasional, actually. Pretty much the only thing that triggers one is bending way over to the left and turning the head. For example...I had one while standing on a bucket, leaning over a workbench screwing a shelf bracket to the wall. (Fun getting off the bucket when the room is whirling like a tornado.) Another was when I was leaned over a bench (different bench) head turned so I could see to unscrew a shelf bracket. I was not on a bucket....much lower bench. And one other occurrence was when I was sitting on the floor, lying under a bench on my left side, with my head turned so I could nail on a staple to hold the power wire for my shelf bracket.  (not really, but I was trying to be consistent.) Lying or bending to the right does not cause dizzy, BTW.

Actually, the wire powers one of my more brilliant my opinion. In an electrical box, I've got a switch and a receptacle. The switch powers one half of the "plug in" as well as a 6 foot cord that leaves the box. (the other half is powered as normal) I did that so I can plug in my soldering iron and be able to turn it on/off quickly easily and often. Or I can plug in my router, and flip it on and off with that switch. Or other motor driven things.  It's a 20 amp switch and receptacle so don't worry about that. I've had that set up for quite a few years, actually. Why mention it? I'm trying to impress you people, of course.  No, actually, I cut my bench down in size 2 ways, spun it around so it's on a different wall. It's part of my attempt to improve my woodshop. 

My ankle road rash has healed. My hand road rash looks good, too. Elbow as well. But I notice on my wrist and left hand when there is significant pressure applied there's some pain/discomfort. Like maybe the bone was bruised on the wrist? I don't know, it doesn't bother me much, doesn't slow me down.  My toes don't bother me at all, like mentioned earlier in a bloggy episode. The toe nails still are purple/black, and not from dirt or lint.

The fingernail I squished last week is looking fb post was premature, I think. It is still a little tender, if I grab something too strongly, I feel it. I just feel it when I use the shift key. Fun times. 

I guess I still have a little discomfort when I sneeze, which is fairly often due to all of the dust I'm stirring up downstairs. But otherwise, rib pain is nonexistent. I don't notice anything in any position. 

My Yamaha has been parked at the bottom of my driveway for weeks, with a for sale sign on it. I started it either 3 or 4 weeks ago, let it run a few minutes. It must have been 4 weeks ago, because I was feeling quite puny. Well, today, I thought since it was quite warm, I should give the bike a little attention, let it run a bit, charge up the battery a little. And so I did, except I forgot to do it until after dark, which is no problem.  It was still rather warm.  And it didn't start right up, but pretty quickly, all things considered. Battery is OK.  So there I am, sitting on the bike, it's rumbling I put up the kickstand, and ride around the block. And another block. And then down the street and around a different block. LOL Probably a whole mile....maybe I'll look at the forecast and ride to work. 6 weeks, recovery must be complete......

Stay tuned...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

shop organization and a little recovery 10 13 16

It's amazing what I find in my's like an archeological site. I found a pair of sunglasses that have needed a tiny nut for years. I found a whistle. I have found so much stuff that I don't know why I kept....other than I was sure I was going to use it someday. 

For example....I have a velveeta box that is half full of twist ties for plastic sacks. They're great for tying wires up, etc. But staples also work, and better. I plan to throw the box away when I've got the shop all put together.  Keep them just in case, for now. 

Used band saw blades. It's a tiny bandsaw, blades cost less than 10 bucks. I may try to sharpen one, though, just for fun.  Broken drill bits. Bent nails. I've just used a bunch of pallet nails, "repurposed" if I'm going to be trendy....except "repurposed" isn't the right word, because they're still being used to hold wood together.  I also use them to hang up stuff, like a roll of masking tape or a small clamp.

I've got a stack of old dull circle saw blades, table saw blades, and miter saw blades. I've seen different things made from those, like a draw knife, which I do want to do. 

I found a copper wall tile, actually, I don't know if it's copper, but I know it came from the wall (backsplash) of my kitchen. I only kept one of them, to remember how awful it was. I also found the can of paint I used on the walls...the paint is totally dry and the can totally rusty. 

I used to work at a paint store, and I knew very little about paint when I started there. That paint store does not have a warranty on the paint, like a lot of others do, and of course, that warranty is a marketing ploy. I know this, because when we bought this house and moved in, we painted the upstairs with some Diamond Vogel paint and some Pittsburg paint. We means I, btw. 22 years later, it still looks great, except for the dust and cobwebs.  The kitchen got painted maybe 11 years ago, and looks great, except for some of the trim and cobwebs, etc. The living room didn't get painted, and just has some flat white. It still looks fine....and will probably get painted this winter, maybe. 

Raise your hand if you want to help. Painting party....I have booze and can order pizza.

 I've since filled the small cavity to the right of the paint with tubes of caulk.
This is that set of waterbed drawers, upside down on the table getting legs, a shelf and wheels. It works great.  The entire basement floor is that green colour. I don't know why....but 22 + years it's holding up quite well.

Recovery....I figured out when that pain went had to be the day that George put his head down and purred on me. Today I didn't take any advil till late in the afternoon. A bunch of discomforts turned into a synergy that was really bothering me, so I took 2.  Everything else is going good. My left hand rash is odd, if something touches it, then the skin hurts? A significant amount of pressure on it does not cause discomfort.

Yesterday, when taking the sheet of plywood out of the pickup for the bottom shelf and top of that drawer stack, I slammed my finger in between the plywood and garage. Since it bled right away from the side of the nail, I assumed that it'd turn black and die. But there's just a tiny discoloration in the middle and just a tiny bit of discomfort today. Thank goodness for that....

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

recovery 10 11 16

Recovery.  Hmmmmm. That pain I had? it went away. I am not sure when....I just kind of forgot about it.

BTW, only 1 set of advil today, due to neck induced headache. 

Short recap. Shoulder was scraped and hurt a bit. It's better. Hip hurt like crazy initially, but is better. Ankle "rash" is better. Toe....still a tiny bit of discomfort when I move it by itself. Not really pain.....and I don't notice it at all when I stand, walk, sit, stairs, stand on a bucket, sit on toilet, sleep, or anything else. Hand "rash" is all closed up, and looking pretty good. Elbow "rash" same. 

Head? Not totally sure....I cleaned a window in my bus, which required me to lean over sideways, and I was REALLY dizzy after.  

I'll find out if it's BP tomorrow, when I donate blood.  And then no heavy lifting. LOL Right.  I've got stuff to do. 

I'm able to suck 3000 ml on the suckometer. Spirometer? Whatever it is.  I'm probably the only guy in America to continue to occasionally use the damn thing 5 weeks post crash.

Splinter! Easy to remove, though.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

10 8 16 recovery

2 naps today, friends. Yes, I feel a little bit bad for not being out enjoying the beautiful day. Oh well. And it started off pretty bad, too. My coffee cup slid off my car and of course, all of my coffee spilled. You can bet that I stopped by KT before I picked up my group for more.

Something I noticed in the hospital and didn't expect to continue, but was worse at home...was the mid back ache at the bathroom sink. Why is that sink so damn low? It's low enough that I could pee in it, if I had to.....

The hospital sink wasn't so low, and I noticed the discomfort when I was brushing and the day I shaved, which was the day I left. BTW, in case you care, and I'm sure you don't....I usually shave every other day. I'm lucky that my job doesn't care how I look, really. 

That discomfort was so bad that I very nearly moved shaving and brushing and even washing to the kitchen. Jim would have supported that, as it would have added about 20 steps each time. LOL 

That first week, I'd turn on the water, (Moen single handle, pull on, push off) and wash one hand at a time, or I guess get each hand wet at a time and then wash above the sink so I didn't have to bend over so much. Funny what comes back as memories.

When this is all over, I might replumb the sink, build a new lavatory, install a new sink and faucet. Or not.

Wednesday was the last day for gabapentin. Yesterday I took 2 pair of advil, 12 hours apart. Today so far I've been up 13 hours and have taken 1 set advil.

Let me tell you what is I got home from work, and btw, on the way home I stopped to snoop in a dumpster, a tall one, and it did hurt to climb onto it. So when I got home, the cat jumped on (doesn't feel nice) laid on my chest and started purring. When he laid his head down on my chest, his throat was right over my front fractures....and friends....that was nice. You should try it....minus the fractures.

I was going to try to describe the nice picture thingys that have a good caption, like that last pic thingy. But then I figgered I should ask uncle google for one instead. 

It'll be interesting to see just how long my shop takes to get all done. I keep finding more and more stuff to do. Latest is renovating a wall in my wood storage/project finishing area. I took the paneling off years ago to add an exhaust fan, which never got hooked up. Now I'm adding shelves between the studs to put soap making crap on, wood storage, aerosol can storage. I redid the light switch.  Funny, how the stud spacing is not consistent. It's a short wall, about 8', and all are a different spacing. Good thing I measured each before cutting the shelves. :) 

I've got some waterbed base drawer units stacked as wood storage. I plan to fasten them together, add legs with wheels and a low shelf. And add a nice top, I'll use that for my finishing table. I'll use the drawers for small scrap and exotic wood storage. Hopefully getting them off the floor will encourage me to use them more often.  Coming up with this idea is exciting, because it's the next step, really. I need to get those out of where they are, and it's a good transformation. Solves a couple problems...finishing table, and wood storage (logs). And it opens up a large area in the main shop. I plan to fill that with either the table saw or the miter saw.

Multi day effort here. Nothing new to report, other than increased ROM and less swelling of toes. And as of 12:30, I've had no pain meds. That may change, not sure....see how a nap helps.

Used some really junky wood like material to shelve up a small area in that wall next to the switch for spray cans and caulk. Good use of stuff and space, I think. Do let me know if you want to see pics of what I'm's not spectacular and probably kinda boring to everyone but me. 

Friday, October 07, 2016

Old post updates

Constant readers, do you ever want an update to an old post? Remember when? Etc?

I still use a spoon to slice my bananas for cereal, a butter knife for sandwiches and whatever knife is handy for that flaming banana dessert/ice cream topping. 

Bonus, you get to see peaches too. Did I tell you about the time I set some towels on fire when making it? That was fun.  BTW I use a paring knife to cut peaches.

Skip this next section if you're a prude or easily offended. Shut off your puter and go to the tv, watch some episodes of Romper Room, Captain Kangaroo or Mr Rogers.

Talk about a view from my office. Notice that she does not have fancy embroidered ass pants.....she needed no added decoration or distractions.  With the invention/popularity surge of yoga pants, I see fewer denim jeans...but of course, some have decorations. Let's discuss that  a little. Some is fake jewels. Looks nice, but would feel terrible, if a guy was so lucky to be able to fondle...I can't really imagine how it'd feel to sit on that all sitting on little rocks, I suppose. Weird.  

Some is fancy embroidery, which is nice. We should discuss the every popular brand/style that has a lovely M on each pocket.  I see lots of them, and admire them. I generally spend several minutes imagining what the M might stand for. I'll list a few things that have come to mind: Mine Mick's masochist manipulator masturbator menstruation marvelous...well, you get the picture. Double M's get pretty bad....

That wagon was kind of a waste of money. Oh, sure. It was nice for hauling the luggage and crap around on our trip. But we only used one other time. I did plan to remove the box and build a bicycle rack on it, so I can haul the trailer with the motorcycle, so we can (we. HA) enjoy 2 hobbies in one day. WE. well, maybe someday. 

Of course, I'll have to get a motorcycle with a hitch again, first, since I sold the hitch off of the roadstar...but the wagon held up well. One thing I'd change, if I could, is the height of the thing, because the hitch is too low, which angles the tail lights up goofy.

I shaved in March of 15, I really only grew the beard that winter. I used a dollar store razor....after using the beard trimmer thing to buzz it mostly off. Wahl, I recommend it. Try the razors, you may like them. I will use them 10 or more times, even though the shave does begin to suffer....Dollar Shave Club. Bite me. LOL

 Did you notice that I didn't blur license plate? I'm so brave. LOL My old pickup, the subject of a few posts, including some autumn maintenance very sick. Still usable, thankfully. The transmission leaks, the clutch slips grabs and jumps, the differential makes horrible noises, there's a broken leaf spring, and terrible frame and bumper rust. I'm a little afraid to pull my trailer very far, actually. Reminder: I've had this since April 99, and I've put about 60,000 miles on it. I'm tempted to start selling parts off of it.....since I can't sell it outright, except for scrap. Need any parts??

List of songs. Depends on the day....

Friend crashed his bike: He is doing very well. He's been to school and is becoming a prosthesis making dude.

The heater works, the light works, I eat PBJ most days for breakfast.

Regional review. Didn't go this year, crashed less than a week prior. But the old location in McGregor does not exist any more. Also did not go to the Davis Rally.

To be honest, I'm afraid to reread those old posts....I'd probably delete them....saying: what the hell was I thinking when I typed that. 

Thanks for reading along with me. 

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

recovery 10 4-5 16

I stopped using a pillow as a bolster under my knees when sleeping, Saturday night was the first time with out it since I've been home. Woke up early with back aches on Sunday. Also Monday, and my low back was so stiff it was hard to walk....couldn't walk normally, would have been funny to watch me waddle more than normal across the lot. Today wasn't as bad. 

I know what you are thinking...."if sleep is better with it, why remove it?" Good question. Immediate answer is that it's not practical, as it's a King sized pillow, and I can't get them in most hotels, and that's really where I need them. A hard bed is not good sleeping for me. 

Top pic is a month ago tomorrow, 9/7. Middle pic is when I tore open the scar while at work. Bottom pic is kind of interesting, how the scar changes colour when I work hard. (In the bottom pic, I'd been working and the scar is much more purple than normal)

So I was twisting to do something and then enjoyed some pain in my back. In the affected rib area, so I thought I'd be trendy and take some pain meds. Great idea. :) Got a lot done...and have not suffered for it. Yet. I'm sure my next trip to the bathroom......

It's a challenge to type with the cat on the arm, and he keeps moving around. Also purring, so that's nice.  

Workshop is coming along, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. LOL