Tuesday, September 27, 2016

recovery 9 27 16

Some of you know and some of you are about to know something about me. I know that recovery is occurring because I am starting to dream about giving massages. It might be fun to give one on Sunday afternoon....who is willing to be a "guinea pig"? (crash test dummy?) 

bit O background....This time of year in 2002, I was in massage school, 500 hour course, to become certified. It was very interesting...anatomy and physiology, palpation, hands on learning, internship, etc. All of my classmates were fresh from high school, and skinny. I wasn't. LOL At least one other guy was hairy....

So anyway. I tried fairly hard to succeed at the business, stayed with it until 2009, when I gave up and went back to driving bus so we could quit accumulating debt that my wife was hiding from me, and so that we could start going on cruises.  I see just enough clients now to not forget how to do massage.....I'd like to have a few more.....

Sleeping thru the night is better and better....I'm sure the cooler weather helps...I love piling on the blankets. I still wake up a few times, but for shorter times, and not as often. 

My toes are still swollen, the nails have the purple spots on them like when you hit your thumb with a hammer, so they'll likely fall off. BTW, my shoe has some damage on it, the sole is slightly pulled off...so my toes must have grabbed the ground to act as a brake or pole vault.  I don't limp, so that's good.

Road rash on hands, elbow and ankles is healing. I have not picked the scabs off my ankles, pain has diminished, all are doing fine. 

The bruise on my belly from the table saw kickback is better. I can't believe none of you took the opportunity to ridicule me. Cause I'm home alone doing dangerous things. LOL Not being careful or safety first.

My ex motherinlaw brought over some food.....some of my favorites.....and I appreciate it a LOT. It's never too late to bring over something...and I'll think good thoughts about you forever, or at least until I forget. ;)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Recovery 9 26 16

Working in my basement, I've had the "opportunity" to get down on the floor to do some stuff. Shelves, mostly, in between the studs of my little room which is rather multi purpose.....wood storage, finishing, tornado hiding. My brother and father used to come visit occasionally and they'd get to sleep down there, they'd call it the "dungeon". There's no bed in there any more, such as it was. 

Getting down onto the floor isn't too hard. Getting back up is slightly more of a challenge, due to gravity.

I started the day with a gabapentin, and I don't think I will repeat the experiment of going without for another week or maybe even a third of a month. Just one pill a day does make a difference. 

Stamina is improving, I'm able to work longer with less discomfort. Hard to tell day by day, but.....that's my story.

Jeez, sorting thru some electrical supplies....you'd think I was afraid of needing or wanting lamp cords and not being able to find some. I save too much stuff, so I'm tossing a bunch of wire and those cords; if they are less than 4' or there was one that was all wound up...it'd never relax and be smooth. I'm thinking about consolidating those supplies between the house and garage...because I've got a bunch of stuff both places. What a great idea, just haul it all out to the garage and forget about it until the day before the first ice storm.  

Tossing a bunch of other stuff too. Like BUBBLEWRAP! LOL 
I had pulled out a jump box thing from a dumpster, but it never would work right, surprise, huh? I wonder why it was thrown in the dumpster? duh. Hopefully the battery will still be good, and some of the other components are....the light, the clamps, a switch.

My intention is to put the electronic/electric stuff at a bench so that it's easy to use. My basement has a low hanging cold air return that runs the length of half the basement, and I'm tired of hitting my head on it. I hope to be able to set it up so the sit down bench will be under it.  I'll be able to solder, sew, do some leatherwork, calculate soap, etc. I'll wrap christmas gifts, ebay and amazon sales, lamp repair, maybe knife sharpening, carving, and much much more. 

Recovery? Yes, it's happening. I'm able to concentrate on stuff that is much more interesting than how miserable I feel. And today I realized that I really made a mistake 3 weeks ago.....I should have asked for a vasectomy. LMAO

Sunday, September 25, 2016

9 25 16 recovery 3 weeks

Recovery plus revelation. Perhaps 2 of them.

My Subaru is a little sick. I noticed it when I went to Menard's a week ago...turning short into a parking place or in general....there's a problem with the axle or ??? Dunno what the problem could be. I don't feel up to tearing it apart yet, either.

My main revelation? I did something in this blog that I have secretly made fun of people about. I started off telling you about how I was doing all of this exercise and how I intended to continue to exercise, maybe build some muscle tone and lose some weight. HAHA. I was just like everyone else, and as soon as it was convenient, like 2 days, I quit the walking. 

I could rationalize it, say that I'm more active at work and in the shop. And that is true....I do walk a couple blocks at work. 6 or 8, depending on how often I have to visit a restroom. I stand in the basement, I walk forth and back, I take the stairs to get there and out again. Big deal, right? Right. 

Since the Subaru is sick and I'm working every day again, I'll have to drive the old sick pickup to work....and I can't remember the last time I drove it...perhaps whenever it was that Kelly borrowed the trailer....May??? It started right up...amazing. (2nd revelation, and not much of one, at that)

I didn't take the gabapentin this morning, and have only taken 2 dose of advil, no tylenol yet. (as of noonish)(plans are to spend some time in the basement, and actually do some work.) I took the last aspirin today, too.

I really get dizzy when I lay down in bed....the room spins. Kind of fun at first...but I think it'll get old soon.  I recall a few other times in my life when the bedroom would spin when I got in. Usually beer related, but 2x tequila caused the problem. 

2:15. Some time in the basement tells me that I need some more pain killer, so gabapentin on board, along with some tylenol. And that's all I took today...I got a lot of work done downstairs, lots of stuff moved, lots of stuff thrown away. 

3 weeks since my crash. Everything happens for a reason, right? Not sure what that reason is yet...I've asked a few people....they suggest it's to teach me patience, tolerance, how to enjoy pain, who my friends are, etc. Feel free to make a suggestion. 

And now for a couple pics of workshop work. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

9 24 16 recovery

I know what you are going to say. But I'm going to tell you anyway. I guess that's part of being an adult, a guy with a little integrity. And besides, I know you are not going to spank me. 


So I mentioned that I've been working in the woodshop a little, and I was making a spice rack looking thing to put the essential oils on, right?

So far so good. Then I decide I should put doors on it, since the oils are supposed to be stored in the dark....So my luck holds and I find a piece of plywood that is just the right size, only needs a little cut off....

Table saw kickback. Just an inch or so above my navel, a little to the right. It happened after 9pm, which is past the time I normally quit for the night. I think I'll institute that plan again....work down there, quitting at 9 so I can be in bed at 10ish on a school night.

Saw a recipe for a bourbon cocktail. Called the Godfather, I tried it. 2 oz bourbon and 1/2 ounce of Amaretto. I added an ice cube, and I don't feel drunk. Next time I'll use a better bourbon, I used a bottom shelf, which is better mixed with lots of stuff.

There it is. I used 2 pair of hinges that I got from Big Lots, 59 cents per pkg. Some of the screws (slotted) didn't fit my drivers, so I used other screws that didn't match at all. Big deal. LOL.  I have not yet decided if I'll fasten the top shelf on to it or not. Kinda looking like not, where it is going.

Trendy alert: big shout out to my little sister, she dropped off a lot of food almost 2 weeks ago. I cooked and enjoyed a chicken zucchini stuffing casserole hot dish....took forever to bake, but maybe I have unrealistic expectations for my oven. She brought so much stuff, I'm just now getting to the frozen items, 2 of them. Forecast says bake one on Monday. LOL. It's awesome, Susie, thanks again.

BTW, I mentioned that Val brought one?? It was great too.

Other recovery stuff? I took the one pill when I got up and a set of advil later. Around noon another set of advils, and so far that's it for the day. A coworker said he crashed his minivan last winter....broke a bunch of his wife's ribs...and she's still having problems, probably because they had to fix them with steel plates. Did I mention I was lucky? 

I gashed open my healing hand when fueling the bus today...damn propane screw on caps. People think they need to screw them on tight....but they don't. I'll spare you the bloody pic.

One reason I plan to rework the shop is so I can make the table saw table bigger so I don't have such problems when I try to cut larger pieces. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

9 23 16 recovery

Sometimes I put the date first and sometimes I put recovery first. Wonder why?

Sneezing doesn't hurt as much, anymore. Still hurts, of course.....coughing doesn't hurt as much, either. YAY

CPAP humidifier was set on high, it's irritating how that gets changed. I may just let it shut itself off....since the on/off/humidifier/change everything else is on the same knob.

Worked morning and afternoon today, took a 2 hour nap before the free lunch friday. Probably about the same otc pain killers as yesterday. 

Ask questions if you've got some....make up some....I'll make up answers....Thanks for reading along on this recovery journey, makes it seem less lonely, somehow. 

It's funny how some passengers know that I was out due to injury, some realized I was gone and assumed vacation, some didn't know I was gone at all. I guess it's all in if they asked and who they asked....

A coworker or 2 said there was some rather wild gossip going around the place. Conservative estimates indicate that a solid 10% of coworkers are glad I'm back. LMAO

Thursday, September 22, 2016

recovery 9 22 16

I've been home 2 weeks now, and what a difference 2 weeks makes. Today I took one gabapentin, 3 dose of advil and 2 dose of tylenol.  I worked in the woodshop a couple hours, cleaned the toilet, did some laundry, and worked about 5 hours.

I did notice this morning that I felt like there was some stuff in my lungs, that went away....and I hope it stays away. I will check my cpap humidifier thingy before bed and will turn it down if possible. 

Dr Jim left a mssg saying to stop taking the aspirin on Sunday, 3 weeks after the crash. Thanks, Jim. ;) 

As I gradually work more in the basement and in my bus, I'll put in less time on the puter...and will prob make more bloggy posts that are wood related instead of whining about broken ribs. I'll post the links on my King'swoodshop FB page. https://www.facebook.com/KingsWoodshop/

I'm going to reorganize the whole shop, build some things to make it better. Kinda doubt that I'll remember to take pics very often....making a spice rack like thing for my essential oils, to move them into a different room. Then a laundry area improvement. and then and then and then. It'll all prob be boring as hell to you. 

OH, yes. Still occasionally dizzy. Usually when I tilt my head to one side, left side. Initially I blamed it on the pain pills, but.....

And I still have some hearing issue. 

There, got my whining done.....hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

recovery 9 21 16

I could make up some recovery. But like I told the crippled old nurse that occasionally rides my bus.....he asked: do you feel any better today?  UHHHHHH. How fast do broken bones heal? Can you tell the difference?? NO. Today I feel the same as yesterday. 

Yes, it's a reminder to be patient. I got better so fast those first 2 weeks that I could get frustrated that I don't see improvement every day.

But then I think about how I'd feel about being dead and I ponder it....no pain, no tiredness, no hunger, no thirst, no medical bills. No beer, no bourbon, no boobs. No bbq, no cats, no dogs, no music, no sunrises.  Well, I'm not getting any boobs so I can't decide right now. 

But that nurse. His wife rides, too, both near 70. Strange people. Nice people. but strange.....I cannot imagine him being an active full time nurse....he can barely walk.  Nice of him to ask, I guess....

Speaking of BBQ, Owen sent a trendy texty this afternoon, so we went to dinner. Nice to see him. Working 3 pt jobs to pay for health insurance. Hmmmmmm. Thanks oBama!

Let's see. Recovery. This morning I took one pain pill (gabapenten) and a set of tylenol, then later a set of advil. Or did I??  Hour before work I took a set of advil, for sure and another 3 hours later. I know for sure I took those. Maybe I will have to write it all down....It's confusing. It's hard to remember. Point is that I'm not taking much for pain medication. I stopped taking the oxycodone, I only noticed that it put my intestines to sleep....Which is not helpful. Not helpful at all. 

The doctors said I should take a 375 mg aspirin to prevent clots. I think I mentioned that I still had the jar of 500 from Val's surgeries, and that I'd take one of them. I suppose that helps with the morning pain and discomfort....and I wonder how long I should take it for the blood thinning anti clotting? I was going to ask the doctor yesterday, but it didn't show up at the appointment.

OH god damn, it hurts to sneeze.


Been looking around my shop for a long time, and I'm not happy with how it's laid out, not happy with several things.

I changed a few things last winter and got started on dust collection, too. Changes....minor, swapped the drill press and lathe positions, moved a bench a little. I built another bench for the wood storage room, built some racks on top of my waterbed frame/drawers. 

Hung my dust collector up, started running pipe, built some blast gates.

The problems as I see them are many: table saw is too close to the walls, limits my length of cut. Miter saw is too close to the wall, limits my cut. 

Bench is too large and too short. I wind up covering half of the surface with stuff I should put away. The vise is too low for most work, yet it works for when I sit down. The bench is an unusual shape, if I recall, it's 7' long, yet 4'wide on one end and 2' wide on the other.

basement has another challenge to it: there's a low hanging cold air return duct running lengthwise down the east end, about 4-5' out from the wall. I hit my head on it a lot...which is why I almost always wear a hat in there....

I need to build a base/table or figure out where to put my sanders. Need to figure out where to put my band saws and get the one working. (free is great, but comes as a cost. LOL) Need to figure out how to connect the planer to the dust collection. 

Thinking about building a dedicated electronics/woodburning/leatherwork/ sit down bench. and could add sewing to that too. 

It's overwhelming, so I've got to break it down somehow....