Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Motorcycle crash, 2 years later

On September whatever, the Sunday of Labor weekend, 2016, I crashed my motorcycle. Luckily, my passenger wasn't hurt too badly, and for all intents and purposes, neither was I.

Amanda only had some bruises, some contusions on her hands and the indignity of having her bra cut off in the ambulance. Personally, I think she liked showing her boobs to the crew.....and she was only irritated by the loss of the bra. They really didn't have to cut it off.  

You're saying: "just wait a minute, who is Amanda and why didn't we hear about her before?" It's kind of a long story, and I'll just say that the girl I was seeing at the time of the crash probably wouldn't believe that it was a platonic trip, so I sorta simplified life and didn't tell her. Will she read this? Dunno....haven't seen her for a year....

If you don't remember, after the crash, I was in and out of consciousness for quite a while, coming to when there was a great deal of pain, like when they put me in the helicopter. I really don't remember landing, though, or anything of the ER. But I wasn't bleeding, so maybe I didn't have the tv/movie ER experience, of 5000 people running around shouting STAT. There were probably just 4, snickering and saying jeez, he's fat and where's his dick?

My ICU nurse was really great, and of course I don't remember his name. My main complaint with him was when he got impatient when I didn't pee for a long time, so he stuck in a catheter. And then he was upset when there was only like 350mL. I reminded him that it'd been a very long time since I'd had a drink, and they'd only pumped in a quart of juice, saline, whatever it is. I'm sure that I said "a guy's supposed to drink half body weight in ounces, right? I'm dehydrated." 

and yet they kept waking me up every hour asking about silly stuff, the date, the prez, etc. 

I was watching an ambulance show last night, a guy got hit by a car, the crew asked something like "what's wrong, where do you hurt?" He said "that's a stupid question".  I can relate to that, and while I don't advocate that the ambulance crew or nursing staff go out and get hurt to experience what it's like, it'd be helpful if they knew what it was like.  

Based on the dirt marks on my pants, jacket and the scuffs on my helmet, I slid on about every side of me for a ways. I must have landed on my hip and shoulder, or hell, I don't know. EVERYthing hurt for a while. Quite a while. There was no way to single out one area from another. 

Well, actually, my knees didn't hurt.

But when they asked "where do you hurt?" they don't like to hear "everywhere"

And my head/neck didn't hurt, either, surprisingly. Pretty good helmet, for a cheap helmet.

Must have been day 3 or 4 in the hospital when they thought to put some super cold strips of an alleged pain relief on my back. I can't think of what it is, and I'm not sure that it worked. but they asked where they should put it....I probably said "on top of the broken ribs" 


I went back to the scene of the crash last July when I rode over for one day of SCRC regional ride in. Of course, there wasn't any sign of the crash, and I wasn't even sure where it occurred. We were on our way to the International Mustard Museum in Middleton, WI  this 2nd linky shows about where I crashed. We were close.  What happened? I thought the car was parked on the side of the road and went around. They were stopped to turn left. 

Everything happens for a reason? I'm still trying to figure out what the reason is. Any ideas?

So, how do I feel? Same as before. Some things took longer to heal than I expected. For example, my right elbow hurt for a very long time, but only when I tried to prop up on it....and I only did that in bed. I could elaborate on that, but I won't. Seems like the skin over that elbow took a long time, too. My right shoulder pops a lot, but it doesn't hurt. Seems like my neck is better than it was before the crash, with less/fewer neck related headaches. Hard to know for sure, when I never kept track of them.

Memory? I was blaming my frustration and irritation toward insurance company on the concussion. But I had that before, to some degree. I'm sure I'll continue to have it as long as I have to deal with insurance. Seems like I really struggle at times looking for the word I want to communicate my thoughts. And sometimes all the words are right there. 

Ribs? I don't notice anything there, ever. Toe? same. Nothing with the hip, and if you recall, that pain went away after the first walk or 2. 

I was dizzy at times for a very long time, esp if I bent sideways and then turned my head to look up. Kind of a weird position, but I found myself in it a couple the bus and also in the basement installing some shelves. That has gone away. 

We had had a really nice ride, so far. Dinner in Balltown on the way to Dubuque. Farmer's market for picnic stuff, and visit the park to see the overlook, and also the shortest steepest elevator place.  We toured the beer museum, researched corn, viewed the Dickeyville grotto and rode a tiny train. 

Dubuque has a nice market. We bought some meat sticks, cheese, vegetables like kohlrabi, carrot, and apples. I had some plums that someone gave me.  It was enough for 2 lunches, maybe more, except it got wrecked. I don't remember if we bought bread or crackers or not. All you really need is a knife, but some napkins and a paper plate makes it more civilized. KNOW that people change diapers and have sex on picnic tables. Ziplock bags for leftovers, grab a spork if you get tater salad. Take a bag for trash. 

that's your PSA for the day.

Maybe that's the reason....I'm still here to teach you people how to have a picnic!

This just in. I walked 3 or 4 blocks yesterday to trim a tree that was annoying me and my hip kind of bothered me for half the walk over, as if it's saying:"why are we walking when we could drive?" And I palpated my elbow today and realize that it has some spots that are not quite happy. I guess I better dig around in there to see if it gets better. 

In conclusion: Pay attention so that you don't crash your motorcycle. Hope that you get good nurses, and know that you can tell them no. 

Thanks for reading. I do enjoy feedback.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Vacuum review and improvement

I asked on FB 3.5 years ago (early 2014) for vacuum recommendations. When I was married, we had a Dyson, and did that thing ever suck. 

I got a lot of suggestions, some were expensive, some weren't, and I didn't even look at some because I didn't like the name. I bought a vacuum at Menard's, it was on clearance, and I already had some experience with the name.

Dirt Devil (turbo breeze). I have had one of those little things, and it works pretty well. 

My requirements:

No bag/canister easy to dump
not heavy
not loud
no headlight
on board hose

The Dyson always was plugging up, as was whatever we had prior to that. Of course, that german shepherd hair was asking it to do a lot, esp since Val hated to vacuum almost as much as I do, and would put it off way too long. 

DD has not yet plugged up. I noticed that it was about half plugged where the hose parts connect with the canister part, but that was very easy to pull out. 

A couple months after getting it, I was running it and it died. So of course the first thing I do is check the plug....and it was still plugged in. See...the cord is a little too short....I want to plug it in and vacuum the entire house. (I do have a small house, 5 rooms on the main floor, 2 upstairs and I don't use it in the basement). I left it for a while, and then it worked again. When I dumped the canister, I see there's a filter under there, a foam square on top of a pleated paper filter. The foam is very dirty, so I washed it. Seemed logical. Bit of a pain, though, since I have to let it dry before putting it back it sits in the middle of the room for a day. 

That reminds me of my high school years....Jill (wicked stepmother) HAD to have a Rainbow vacuum....are you familiar with those? It's a weird thing, has a bucket of water on wheels, and connects via hose to a powered brush head thing. Anyway, she'd leave that bucket of water sit for WEEKS after a vacuum session. I'm really not sure why she even had such a unit, since there was only carpet in 2 or 3 rooms of that house. 

Now I preemptively clean that that it doesn't quit mid session. I just want to get it done....I want to plug it in once, vacuum the spare cat out of the carpet, a few spider webs, and be done. That's why I want the hose to be right there. And it is. But it's too short. I have to lift the vacuum to get a cobweb off the ceiling. That's where the Dyson excelled....the hose expanded like 10 feet, had a nice handle on the hose.

Now for the improvement I just made? After about the 3rd use, and having to reposition the cord, I found a 12' household duty flat white cord and just left it on there. It's almost perfect....Except that the 3 plug female end is too big and gets caught on stuff and they don't stay plugged in together. 

For a while there's been this spot on the cord. I don't know how it happened, I don't know when it happened. But it must have happened when I was using it, since I'm the only one to use it. And I grabbed it with my wet hand, and I'm not sure if it was shocking me, or some copper strands were poking me, but it didn't feel very good. So I figgered that was  a great place to cut it and splice in a 10 or so foot piece of cord, to eliminate the problems. I soldered the wires, used heat shrink tube and tape.

That cord....Not sure where it originated, it may have been a vacuum cord at one time, 3 conductor 16 awg. The DD cord is 2 18awg. I do know that I used that cord for a couple years at the Nutrition shoppe when I had my massage biz there.....that was 05-08, and it's just been in a box since. Maybe it was an extension cord that I cut up, since it was the right colour for that project. It sure clashes now, beige spliced into black.

More review? why not. Like previously mentioned, it does not plug, and seems to keep sucking even when the canister is pretty full. The canister is very easy to dump, I like that. No ridiculous light, and it is pretty light. I've used it on the stairs, where it does not excel, but gets it done. The cat must roll around on every step, and btw, the carpet is yellow. The cat is black. If I were trendy, I'd say we "rock the IA hawkeye look..."

I rather despise when some uses "rock" for "wear" or "accomplish" etc. 

So anyway. The cord works.

top 10 list, end of the year....

Here's another top 10 list. It's been quite a while since the last one. 

Simple things:

1. showers
2. pooping/farts
3. sunrise
3.5 sunset
4. eagles soaring
5. coffee
6. cat purrs
7. orgasm with a friend
8. buzz from booze
9. looking at pictures
10. laughing

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Recovery, 1 year

It's been a year since my crash in WI, and 6 months or so since I posted an update. There's been no need to post an update, since there's been no change in my condition. 

Recap: I was riding my motorcycle to the Nat'l mustard museum in Middletown WI, when I attempted to pass what I thought was a parked car. Turns out they were turning left. A crash occurred, presenting me with a concussion, brain bleed, 2 broken toes, bunch of broken ribs, some road rash, shoulder and hip pain. Also, some kidney damage, little bit O lung damage, and something else, I can't quite remember what. 

Possibly memory loss? Not sure.  Can't remember. j/k I occasionally struggle to find the right word to say, but I was having that problem before the crash. 

My right toe must have touched down, pulling my leg out and back, causing the broken toes and hip pain. The hip pain went away after just a couple of days. I had a bit of a scuff on my hip, as well. Also scuffed was my right shoulder, and that hurt for a couple weeks. 

I was in the hospital from Sunday until Thursday, and it was a fun ride home. It actually went pretty fast, probably because she drives like a maniac. I slept in my recliner for a while, can't remember just how long, but as soon as I could manage the steps, up to the comfortable bed I went. What a challenge lying down and getting up was. Wow. Dizzy. Ribs. Ouch.

I mowed my lawn, the flat part after 2 weeks recovery and was back to work half time the day after that. Full time (8 hours) work the next week and then regular schedule a couple more weeks later. 

My passengers could tell there was something going on, and a few asked, which was nice...because it seemed as if they actually cared. 

I had some help, and I'd like to thank Lauren, Amanda, Val, Jeff, Karen, Susie, and whoever else helped. A number of people offered to help, and I appreciated that a great deal, even though I may not have communicated it very well. Greg, especially. I couldn't have recovered so quickly without the help from those mentioned above, I hope you know how much I appreciate what you did.   

I'm sure that some people wanted to help, but didn't know what to do. One friend that is a nurse said that she would have helped if I had asked for her help. (dude. you're a nurse. you know...........ah, never mind)  Here's a PSA: if your friend is hurt, you can help....a message helps. A meal helps, a ride, a visit, a card; just knowing/being reassured that you care helps. 

Healing is a long drawn out affair, it takes time obviously, because I'm redundant. This is the PSA continued, btw. Be patient, esp with those that bumped their head. Do continue to check in with the crippled one for months after the incident. We really will appreciate it. 

Everything happens for a reason, right? I crashed because I wasn't paying enough attention to the road and traffic. I survived because of the people that stopped to help. Is it more complicated than that? Are there stronger or stranger forces at work? I don't know. I'm sure that some would say yes, but more would say no. 

Something I've paid a little attention to, in the last year, is the number of "go fund me" pages and benefit rides/events. I think that I shared on one of these, that my bill from the hospital and helicopter was just over $84,000. Those of you that's bad with math: If I had to pay the whole thing, that'd be $100/month for 70 years. I don't intend to live 70 years. No one offered to set up a fund raiser thing, but then....the oBamacare insurance that I complained about came thru and paid my bill. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting something.....if you know what it is, let me know. :)

Friday, April 28, 2017

vehicle service records

Since I'm in the process of selling my 2003 Yamaha RoadStar, I got to thinking about service records.

You know, when did I replace the tire, brakes, oil change, etc.  Of course, none of that matters with the pickup.

What I've done with the bikes, is write it in my pocket calendar. That means, of course, I had to go searching back thru several of them to find the front tire. 

What I did with the pickup, is write the event on the oil filter box lid. This worked really well, actually, using either a pencil or pen: mileage, date, event. I've got at least 3 of them, going back to near the beginning of time. 

Brakes, shocks, adding transmission oil, changing differential oil, clutch, wipers, power steering oil, brake lines, tires, etc.

It's a nearly rhetorical question, since so few comment, but what do you do to keep track of stuff? I'm sure there's online programs, apps, etc. I think I'll stay with the box lid. Maybe not be too stingy with space, write as legibly as possible.

Those that know me well are laughing about that.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Commitments. Or lack thereof

For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death us do part. 

This is not about my divorce, that was final 2.5 years ago (already...time flies)(and I'm amazed that some FB friends still don't know, guess they don't pay attention....)
  I confess, I've engaged in clickbait,or sensationalism. You know....provide a sensational or emotional headline to encourage people to click the linky, and once the page finally loads, you find that you have to page down past a metric shit tonne of ads and other BS and click thru 10 pages of that crap to be disappointed in the story that they didn't tell, but promised to tell in the headline.

The story may disappoint you, but I'll tell the story and you won't have to endure 10 pages of ridiculous ads.

Cancer is a horrible thing, isn't it? In this story, I'm not referring to the kind that kills people, pets or relationships; but the kind that everyone that enjoys the kind of commitment that I'm going to talk about has encountered and worked thru or succumbed to. 

Hydrated Iron Oxide. Fe2O3.  

This story begins in April 1999, I was working as maintenance at an apartment complex, my 84 Ranger was wearing out, and not entirely meeting our needs any more. I had a list of pickup requirements: I6 5speed, A/C, etc. I assumed this would provide a combination of reliability, economy and acceptable power. I was wrong. It could all have been worse, but it could have been better, too. If we'd bought the V8 automatic, it'd would have had more power and economy would have been about the same. Reliability? maybe better, maybe worse. 

Zumbrota Ford had it, so we bought it. Offered them less than they were asking, of course, and took out a loan for 8k. So begins my 3rd longest major commitment. I've had many much longer commitments, but only with tools. (1st (longest) major commitment was/is the house, 2nd longest was my marriage.)

Bought the 94F150 and sold the 84 Ranger, which I'd had for about 10 years. So begins the commitment. 

Seems like most people don't keep their vehicles very long. I'd keep this one forever, if I had the shop space and skills to fix it. And the money for the parts. I don't know what people use for rationale to determine when it's time to trade cars. I know some simply can't imagine not having a newish car. That means they have a payment, always. They justify it by saying they never have any repairs. Can't embarrass the kids with an old car...

I can tell this bloggy post is just going to ramble around and not make any sense. 

I think where my original intent was to go is this: People are never satisfied with what they have. I was thinking about this the other day, and started analyzing my life with that in mind.  Perhaps more on this later.

People really don't (or) don't really commit to things. How many people do you know that built their "barbie dream house" 5 years ago and are now building another? Or moved into their dream house and are moving again. Or those people that keep changing jobs. As soon as it needs some repairs or has a little rust it's time for a new one. 

I dunno, maybe that's ok. But maybe it's not. I wonder how much debt those people are carrying. If they just keep adding the old debt to the new debt, if the trade from the old car didn't pay off the loan, just add that to the new loan. New couch? Credit card! I digress, if that's even possible. 

For the record...other than the house loan, I have no debt. 

My 94F150 had 76k miles when we bought. It now has 137k. The transmission leaks, the differential is going bad, it has broken springs, some suspension brackets are perforated by rust. . The fenders are rusted thru, the cab floor is rusted thru, and the clutch has broken springs. The horn doesn't work, the cruise control doesn't work, either. The topper is still excellent, as is the hood and engine. The doors are pretty good, the seat is fine. 

For the past several years, I've put a post on FB announcing every April that I renewed my commitment and paid the license fee/tax. I'm not doing that this year. It's $51, and I'm spending that on a different pickup this year. 

I'm going to sell the tires to a coworker and the rest of it to the tow shop across the street. They have a couple tow trucks that are about the same age but aren't rusty (how can that be??)....I heard the mechanic say something about a wiring harness and I know they'll put the seat in one. It'll be a donor, sacrificing itself to ensure others live on. 

Back to being satisfied....I said I'd keep the pickup if it wasn't so rusty. As an has a sticker on it that says "Northland edition"...clearly that doesn't mean "rust protection/rust proof". It has met my needs for 15 or so of the 18 years I've had it. I'm happy with my car, my house, my cat, my job (most days), my computer, my phone (almost 4 years old), my shop tools, etc and so on. 

If it's not broken, don't fix it. If the item is meeting your needs, don't replace it. 

Leave a long do you keep your car, your house, your phone, etc, and why do you change?

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Recovery, week 23 or so

I'm so frustrated irritated and pissed off with the clinic, the pharmacy and insurance that I am inclined to just quit taking the damn pills and sedan how long I survive. Fuck it.

That, of course, was my FB status today. Irrational overreacting, to be sure....and maybe I learned a little or realized something? I doubt I will articulate it here, but I will attempt it. 

It started in October, when I found out that my employer was finally offering health insurance. Yes they are cheap ungrateful bastards. I don't know if it's a good policy or not, actually. I tried to figure it out, but wasn't able to. 

What irritates me is that health care costs so much that we have to have insurance to pay for it. If they'd just charge a modest profit instead of accumulating billions of dollars excess....

But I digress.

Ok, so as soon as I got the insurance card, I should have ran down to the pharmacy (and I probably could actually run that far)(I'd have to collapse in a heap to recover when I got there, though) but I didn't. Wanted to be sure to use up the insurance I had first, in case the coverage was better. Dumb. But that really doesn't matter to the story.

Last week, I stopped in, let the little dude do his thing with my card, and came home to figure out how to get the Rx to the new pharmacy. I think I have to use a different pharmacy, don't I? If so, then why did I stop at the old one? Just in case? I guess.

So today, I pick up the phone and call the number on the card. All it was was a bunch of offers from different sponsors or advertisers. About 40 of them.  Call the other number. I get frustrated with automated voice things. They never understand what I try to tell it, possibly because I can't refrain from swearing at it. The fuckers.  Finally get a dude on the phone, and it wasn't Jake from State Farm, and he did speak English, and sounded like he was in America. I had high hopes. I generally give up half way thru the options and start pressing 0, since I can't pay enough attention or understand or process what it's saying quickly enough. 

So, dude. How do I get Rx.  Blah blah blah blah. Clearly, he thinks I'm stupid, and it is a stupid question. But I can't figure out the answer. Finally get some things figured out, like call the doctor, and give him a credit card. 

Call the doctor. HA good luck with that one, I'm already irritated and feeling dumb as a rotten post when I call the clinic. Clearly I called the wrong number. But notice that they always just transfer instead of saying: you should call this number next time....

Nurse dude couldn't be bothered to help much, kept saying that my pharmacy would ONE TIME ONLY send my Rx to the new pharmacy. And I'm thinking: you have it, why don't you send it, you lazy bastard? Why would the old pharmacy send it? They don't want to lose business.....

Never mind about the next call; it was short and a waste of Verizon minutes.

What I learned from this, or realized. I may not be fully recovered from the concussion. I see 2 issues. Memory/cognitive ability and irrationalness. 

I can't remember if the insurance co sent a packet of information to tell me about the pharmacy or not. And if they did, where did I put it?  I don't remember what I did last year to get Rx to the new pharmacy, or the year before that. (I think it's been 3 years since I lost mayo insurance.)(If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. HA) 

It seems like more and more when there is putering or phone stuff to do, I'm less able to handle it, and that is frustrating. Because I can figure out other stuff very well.

For example, how to make George purr. Or how to make this: 

But I don't remember recipes, or where I put stuff, or directions to somewhere. 
But I've always been bad at directions....Sometimes. Sometimes I have no problem with them. And it's frustrating that I don't know why.

I've been irrationally emotional for a while now, but I'm pretty sure I can't afford the doctor bills to find out why. (If they even could find out why.) But maybe I can't afford to not find out, also. 

My ears work pretty well. I hear all sorts of conversations in the bus, and usually there's no problem talking on the phone. But when I start talking insurance or money or a few other things, like mentioned above, either I can't pay attention, or maybe trying to translate the words into a format that I recognize takes too long and I can't keep up. 

The doctor gives instructions, but 5 minutes later I don't know what I was supposed to do next. Or when. 

Makes me feel pretty stupid....and that never goes well. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Drill battery refresh

Cordless drill batteries. Generally you can buy a new drill with 2 batteries and a charger for less than buying a new battery, and that's just wrong....

My first cordless drill: Wen, 9.6volt, not variable speed. Battery didn't last all that long, but we knew a guy that worked at Battery Plus, and he put in new cells for me. Those didn't last long, either.

2nd: Craftsman 13.2v. This was a good drill, and I used it a lot, till the batteries started failing. It was really long, from chuck to the end of the drill, so it didn't get into very small places. Plus it didn't stand up on the battery like most do now, but it was still balanced pretty well.

3rd Milwaukee 18v. Got this used, had a 1/2" chuck, which had a broken jaw, which really didn't affect it. It was also a good drill, and I'd be rebuilding the batteries for it, but it got stolen out of the garage.

4th Makita 12v. NiHd Good drill, bad batteries. I bought a set of NiCd from ebay a few years ago instead of rebuilding the battery packs. Seems like one of those batteries was not working right, but maybe giving it some love and threats has brought it back. Old and new:

5th Rockwell 12v lithium impact driver. Not a drill, exactly, but a driver. Was AWESOME but was stolen from the garage along with the Milwaukee. The lithium lasted nearly forever and would drive a lot of screws. Charged fast, too.

6th 12V Masterforce Menards brand  lithium drill/impact kit. These are awesome, too. I think I bought them when the Makita was not cooperating, and I said "I'm not buying more batteries for that POS". Got the kit on sale and a rebate, too, was quite cheap. Small, lightweight, has lights and works great.

I bought enough 2200mh batteries from ebay to rebuild the 2 Makitas, 1 Crapsman, and the Wen. My plan is to put one in the garage, and carry one in the car in case I find something in a dumpster that needs to be taken apart before I take it home.

The interesting/irritating thing about these batteries....Well, a couple things. The new batteries, the green ones have tabs already applied to them, pointing the same direction, with a piece of heat shrink tube on them. That has to be cut off. The tabs never need to go the same direction. But some patience and it comes together.

The other thing? The old batteries still hold a charge and seem to work. I don't have a real method to test them, to see how long or how much charge they hold....but they work well enough to power some LED lights for testing.

Drill needs new batteries? Bring it over, I'll help you fix it up.