Sunday, September 03, 2017

Recovery, 1 year

It's been a year since my crash in WI, and 6 months or so since I posted an update. There's been no need to post an update, since there's been no change in my condition. 

Recap: I was riding my motorcycle to the Nat'l mustard museum in Middletown WI, when I attempted to pass what I thought was a parked car. Turns out they were turning left. A crash occurred, presenting me with a concussion, brain bleed, 2 broken toes, bunch of broken ribs, some road rash, shoulder and hip pain. Also, some kidney damage, little bit O lung damage, and something else, I can't quite remember what. 

Possibly memory loss? Not sure.  Can't remember. j/k I occasionally struggle to find the right word to say, but I was having that problem before the crash. 

My right toe must have touched down, pulling my leg out and back, causing the broken toes and hip pain. The hip pain went away after just a couple of days. I had a bit of a scuff on my hip, as well. Also scuffed was my right shoulder, and that hurt for a couple weeks. 

I was in the hospital from Sunday until Thursday, and it was a fun ride home. It actually went pretty fast, probably because she drives like a maniac. I slept in my recliner for a while, can't remember just how long, but as soon as I could manage the steps, up to the comfortable bed I went. What a challenge lying down and getting up was. Wow. Dizzy. Ribs. Ouch.

I mowed my lawn, the flat part after 2 weeks recovery and was back to work half time the day after that. Full time (8 hours) work the next week and then regular schedule a couple more weeks later. 

My passengers could tell there was something going on, and a few asked, which was nice...because it seemed as if they actually cared. 

I had some help, and I'd like to thank Lauren, Amanda, Val, Jeff, Karen, Susie, and whoever else helped. A number of people offered to help, and I appreciated that a great deal, even though I may not have communicated it very well. Greg, especially. I couldn't have recovered so quickly without the help from those mentioned above, I hope you know how much I appreciate what you did.   

I'm sure that some people wanted to help, but didn't know what to do. One friend that is a nurse said that she would have helped if I had asked for her help. (dude. you're a nurse. you know...........ah, never mind)  Here's a PSA: if your friend is hurt, you can help....a message helps. A meal helps, a ride, a visit, a card; just knowing/being reassured that you care helps. 

Healing is a long drawn out affair, it takes time obviously, because I'm redundant. This is the PSA continued, btw. Be patient, esp with those that bumped their head. Do continue to check in with the crippled one for months after the incident. We really will appreciate it. 

Everything happens for a reason, right? I crashed because I wasn't paying enough attention to the road and traffic. I survived because of the people that stopped to help. Is it more complicated than that? Are there stronger or stranger forces at work? I don't know. I'm sure that some would say yes, but more would say no. 

Something I've paid a little attention to, in the last year, is the number of "go fund me" pages and benefit rides/events. I think that I shared on one of these, that my bill from the hospital and helicopter was just over $84,000. Those of you that's bad with math: If I had to pay the whole thing, that'd be $100/month for 70 years. I don't intend to live 70 years. No one offered to set up a fund raiser thing, but then....the oBamacare insurance that I complained about came thru and paid my bill. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting something.....if you know what it is, let me know. :)