Sunday, May 08, 2011

"Water, water, everywhere
And all the boards did shrink
Water, water everywhere
Nor any drop to drink."

Of course, that is the quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  Does it mean that we're mad at him because we're using all 3 names?  Why is it that some people use all their names, but others don't?  Guess that's another posting, remind me later, huh? 

"Come over for drinks."  "Let's meet for coffee."  "Tea's at 2"  "Give me a gatorade"  "Hold my beer and watch this."  Our world revolves around drinking, doesn't it?  "Can I get you something to drink?"  "What would you like to drink while you look at the menu?"  "I need something cold/hot to drink"  "GOD I NEED A DRINK?"  "I don't drink" (to which I reply....don't you get thirsty?)  "How about a nice glass of warm milk?"  (YUCK!)  "Coffee, milk or tea?"  "I'd like a coke.  Pepsi ok?" (No...if I wanted Pepsi, I'd have asked for one)  "Do you have Dr Pepper?  We have root beer and orange.  Is it Dr Pepper flavored root beer?" 

Often, when I go to a place like Perkins, I'll just want water...maybe it's too late for coffee, I try to stay away from pop, and I just don't feel like paying $2.29 for iced tea that won't taste good.  They know that everyone is supposed to be drinking a gallon of water each and every day, depending on size...which means I should drink 2 gallons.  But they bring an 8 ounce glass, which I can gulp down in about 10 seconds.  So I make them bring another, and if they're smart, they bring a big glass. 

All this brings up another peeve....I rather dislike when the seating hostess engineer says "just one" "just 2"  What the hell do you mean by "JUST"???  If I said that Osama bin Laden was an asshole but oBama Bin Laden is just an asshole, what would be the difference?

John Hardy's is the really smart place, bringing a pitcher right away.  I wonder if they (all restaurants) would lower the price of pop/coffee/tea/beverages if people would buy more of them.  Drop the price to $1.25 or less and I'll buy one every time.  I've said the same thing about beer and other drinks, but an evening spent in a bar will indicate that most people will buy it regardless of the price.  Not me...just can't do it.  Won't do it.  I've been to the beer store, I know how much it costs retail.  Wholesale is probably half the when they want $3 for a bottle of beer that I can buy for $.75....I get annoyed, but will usually play along for awhile.

Ah hell, I've forgotten what the point of all this was, so I'm done.
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