Friday, June 17, 2011

I know you've been dying to know what I've been drinking...tea-wise, that is.  Val picked up a couple boxes of Luzianne iced tea bags, so I put 2 of those in a coffee filter and throw in a single bag of mint tea or pumpkin spice.  I doubt that the mint is actually tea, but I don't really care...I'm not a tea purist.  It tastes good.  So....I run a pot thru, and then another pot, and pour it all into a pitcher.  Of course, not all of fits into a pitcher, so I drink all of that straight away. 

In other news, the birthday weekend has arrived...Val's sister and family are here, the brother is on the way, along with the rain.  It'll be a great time, I'm sure of it.  Bring on the beer, ok?  Kind of one has a plan, no one is taking charge, ownership, responsibility; no one knows who is coming, how many are coming, if anyone is coming.  Has someone thought to go get some ice?  No one mowed the yard, so there will be lots of bugs.  Yep, I'm looking forward to this.  I guess it could be worse...original plan included me hauling my grill to the farm and grilling brats, hotdogs and burgers.  Now we just have to collect all the various crap (cake, ham, cream puffs, etc) and haul it to the farm.  Plus our chairs, plus whatever we want to drink, yep, what a PIA.  Come on over, the distraction would be wonderful.
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