Friday, September 30, 2011

MI UP Sunday continued.

Sorry to break up the posting, but hey, it was getting late (10:00), I was tired, been enjoying "cold symptoms" all week, and I don't know for sure how long of a post this thing will accept.  Or how many pics it will take.  "fairly long and quite a few" seems about right.

So, where were we, constant readers?  Yep, a Stephen King reference.  If only my fingers could type out my goofy thoughts as well as he does...but I digress.  Paradise, if I recall correctly, right?  Kind of an interesting joint there, a roadside diner/drive in combined with a storage facility.  Open today, the last day of their season.  On our way north, the place is packed!  We planned to stop there on the way back, still don't know how late the museum is open.  Just another 10 or 12 miles, zoooooooooom.  The road is dry now, after enjoying a good soaking we're happy to be drying off.  We get to the end of the road, and there it is:  the shipwreck museum.

I believe this is the first lighthouse in MI, commissioned by Abe Lincoln, one of my favorite presidents.  Probably because I never met him, probably would like him at all.  No matter!  Here's a linky.  The facility is a bit expensive, but worth the cost, in my opinion.  You don't have to pay to go there and walk around the grounds, you can go to the beach and flash yer boobies to whoever wants to watch, or round up some driftwood or dig up some rocks or just wander about taking pics of the bdlgs.  They have a B&B in one of the bdlgs, not well marked at all.  When we were on the deck overlooking the beach, a couple of people had been digging up rocks, and were hauling a sack of them out.  He was covered with big nasty looking black flies;  I'm glad he didn't stop to talk.  If you want the tour of the light keepers house or the movie or the other 2 bdlgs, you have to pay yer fee:  $13/adult (dollar off for AAA) or there was a family price, too.  They stamp your hand and have a guard posted at each bdlg watching. 

the Edmund Fitzgerald bell;  a diver went down to get it, and they placed a different bell down there;  I don't know why. 

large wooden rudder and me.  they hauled the rudder out of the water after quite a few years.  the water is so cold that it preserves things quite well.
 I think we spent a couple hours here, they close at 6, so we had plenty of time.  Seems like most of the shipwrecks occurred because the ships ran into one another.  They keep thinking that the Edmund Fitzgerald sank because they ran aground trying to avoid some waves...but then sank where the depth is more than 400'.  The ship did not have any sort of depth finder/gauge.  I don't know if AlGore had invented that yet or not.  Good museum, friendly helpful staff, worth the trip.  Check the linky that I posted earlier.

We went back the way we came, it's the only paved road!  Back to Paradise, stopped in for ice cream.  We were worried that they had closed while we were up nort, because there was no other customers there.  Not to worry, still open, and would stay open till 9.  Hand lettered sign said:  chocolate 50 cents off, no heath or butterfinger.  So!  what is a guy to do?  Ask for a vanilla blizzard with heath and butterfinger!  She got that look on her face and pointed to the sign saying:  look at this, you dumbass!  Val quickly assured her that I was indeed being a dumbass/smartass (often I can't tell the difference, but she can) and we each asked for a small chocolate cone.  What we got was a rather large chocolate cone, the ice cream was a good 5 inches above the cone.  I use my hand as a measure, (not that I was grabbing hold of the ice cream, ) not that other thing that fellers like to use as a measuring device.  If I used that one, I'd have had to say we had at least 22" of ice cream above the cone, and that just is not possible.  I worked at McDonalds, I tried to make a cone that big. 
Not a cloud in the sky now, is there.  I swear, UP weather is like mountain weather, changes early, changes often.  This is a very nice place to stop for ice cream...and they had a full menu as well.

Back onto 123 to Newberry, moose capitol of the world.  Nope, didn't see a live moose or deer or bear today, but I think I mentioned that once.  I suppose it's because our bikes are a little bit loud which might scare them away.  We pull into town, I see a logging museum that I think might be nice, but we're hungry, it's been a long day, so we go straight to supper.  Like I said, I'm a dumbass and don't take my camera in to dinner.  Big mistake.  This place is one of the highlights of our trip.  As we're looking thru the menu, I realize that I have not eaten the same entree'/protein for dinner twice.  I'd had fish, chicken, steak, and sausage, so as to not screw up this unplanned not too interesting observation, I order the hot turkey.  The menu is a joy to read, with all sorts of interesting terms, none of which I can remember.  Luckily, the menu is posted online!  Like I said, I got the hot turkey, not double meat, and with the traditional mashed potatoes.  It was so good...I didn't wave the salt and pepper shaker at it even one time.  All too often I want to really like the hot beef/hot pork/hot turkey, but the gravy is no good or the meat is overcooked or the taters are bland.  Not was perfect.  Val ordered a fish...and got 2 huge fillets nearly a foot long. 

A weird guy/customer (is in love with a waitress, in my opinion) brought in a box of "baklava" because he thought she'd like it, even though she only weighs 45#. know me...I hear baklava and spout off...not realizing that he'd given her a whole box full.  We had a different waitress, but when we were about done eating the gifty girl brought out the box and said:  "since you seem to like it so much, do you want some?"  "SURE!"  when I finished, I said to her: "don't let the stuff in the box deter you from trying real baklava: made right, it is quite good."  I want to go back just for dinner.  We did see a dead moose head, and quite a few other critters in the restaurant, but it's not the same as seeing them slinking around/running away from the road. 

Hotel is just a few miles up the road, so off we go to check in, unload, unpack, mix a drink, wait for the bikes to cool, etc.  This might be the place that we spent a few extra bucks and got an in room hot tub thingy.  I don't take pics of the hotels, don't really see the point.  This was a really good day, I hope you enjoyed it a little bit too.  If not, double your money back.
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