Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving day is here...

Hope it goes well for you.  I violated my own clever observations, by attempting pie yesterday.  See, all this time, I thought that Grandma had only one pie crust recipe, but turns out there are 4 or 5 recipes in that book that ginny put together.  Sadly, there's not a flashing red light around the one that was her favorite, saying "use this recipe for pecan pie". 

I had all sorts of trouble with the crust.  I briefly forgot that moisture content in the flour dictates how much liquid to use, and the recipe called for half a cup water, an egg, a T of vinegar.  Good thing I didn't put all that in there, it'd have been a soppy mess.  I know, I should have been practicing making pie crusts.  the first one that I rolled out kept breaking, so finally I put them back into the fridge and did something else.  I should have tossed it, I suppose, because too much handling of the dough will make it tough...and trust me, I handled it like an athlete with a backache.  Knead it, smooth it, press it, roll it.  About the only thing I didn't do to it is stick my elbow into it's butt, but hey...a pie crust doesn't really have a butt.

So.  After I made the macNcheese from the website/bloggy thing, I tried the crustyness again.  This time, it rolled out, ok.  I had to patch it up a bit.  then I used the left over bits to make the other one larger as I rolled it, and it turned out pretty good, I think it only took 2 tries to get it.  I think I used more flour to keep it from sticking, and probably the temperature of the dough was right, too.  BUT.  there were no directions about baking the crust!  No time, no temperatures!  What to do?  Well.  Glad you asked.  Here's what I did.  The other recipes had temps of 350 and 450, so I set it at 400.  Some said 8 minutes, some said 12, so I set the timer for 10.

Baked the pecan pie on a cookie sheet.  Good thing too, that bastard ran over a little bit.  Not much, but it would have made a stinky mess in the oven.

just dropped the ice bin from the freezer onto the floor, spilled most of the ice.  I suppose I should have taken a pic, posted it on facebook, proclaimed: "mybad", all before I cleaned it up, but I just swore loudly enough for Val to come scampering from the bathroom (naked), to help clean it up.  Yep, threw it into the cooler to keep her mt dew cold.  Also my lemonade and coffee and the cool whip.  Real life honest to goodness cool whip, whipped oil!  Not generic, believe it or not.  It was the same price, or even cheaper, last time we bought it.  Can't remember when that was, so it's probably turned into white crap, aka divinity.  Oh well, we're taking it anyway, not going to look inside, just in case. 

I suppose that I should load the car and shave, etc, since it looks like we're going to be late.  The advil is kicking in, I think I'm going to survive.
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