Friday, December 02, 2011

More about wipers...

If you're lucky enough to be my Facebook friend, you know that we discussed spraying the windshield with WD40.  A friend suggested vinegar and water to rid the glass of frost.  A different friend had posted a linky on FB about the same thing....use a mix of 3:1 vinegar water, spray before the ice storm and the ice should not stick.  I'm going to try it.

I suggested WD40 because of the wd...water dispersing.  It won't work without making an oily mess....because it is primarily made from fish oil.  It is tempting to spray the windshield of that dickhead that broke my mirror last year.  Or the ass that keyed the side of the car.  Or that dumb bitch that....I'll tell you about that one privately. 

But anyway...when you change your wiper blades, lube the pivot points on the wiper arms.  There's a spring in there too that holds the wiper blade tight to the glass, and if that pivot is binding, it's not going to work right.

Enough about that crap, remember about my shoe shopping discussion?  I think I was clear that I waited to buy...and my patience paid off.  I waited till after Thanksgiving, there was a 20% coupon along with buy one, get one half off.  2 pair for about $70.  BUT.  they only had one pair....and offered to send the other one to my house free.  Hope it shows up.

First major snowstorm on the's about time to finish clearing out the garage and see if the snowblower will start.  Luckily I have a free day to do that.  Do you care about what all that entails?  Too bad, I'm going to tell you anyway. 

Got to put away all the tools that I've had out over the last 8 months or so...sockets, wrenches, hammers, screwydrivers, (although, since I moved the screwydriver rack over from the bench repurposed from an entertainment center to the side of a 3 drawer cabinet that I dug out of a dumpster during the OMC remodel, the screwydrivers have been much more organized than ever before), soldering stuff, electrical stuff, meters, pliers, jacks, ramps, etc.  I need to rebuild a shelf or 2, stow the MC helmets and other gear, find a resting place for the gas cans, bird seed (which should be called bird feed), stow a big box of little donuts, a big box of used cardboard boxes that I hold on to to use as a "creeper" or as insulation between my insulation and the cold hard ground of the garage.  Need to stow the rake, the shovels, a box of wire and other stuff.  The ladders need to go back into the corner, have to stow the new lumber and the left over gutter toppers.

Anyone still awake? 
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