Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what the hell is "swag"?   I suppose uncle google will tell me, if I'm lucky.  I keep seeing "swag" being used on the FB thingy, here's today's example:

While everyone is writing captions and gathering likes to win the BKG Give-away swag on Monday I came across this article that just doesn't seem right.

The concept of a car that drives itself is thrilling to some, disquieting to others. But it's no longer preposterous.

By the middle years of this decade, several auto makers could offer technology to make vehicles capable of piloting themselves under certain conditions without the direct participation of the driver.

My guess is that it means "crap", "stuff", "junk", "merchandise" and this "swag" thing is some new clever way to say it.  Here's what google has to say about it.  


An ornamental festoon of flowers, fruit, and greenery: "ribbon-tied swags of flowers".
Arrange in or decorate with a swag or swags of fabric.
noun.  loot - booty - spoil - prey - plunder
verb.  swing


I can tell you stuff, right? I know I've shared a lot with you, so here goes.
You know what else is weird? This morning, it felt like one of my turds was in there sideways. It also seemed like it had square corners on it. What is the reason for that? I've not been eating razor blades or even tortilla chips. As an aside or side note; I'll eat a banana or 2 or 3 every day, and no matter how many bites or how well I chew that sucker up, it manages to reassemble itself every time.  Is that magic?

Last fall I bought a pair of Wells Lamont pigskin and denim gloves.  The important parts are pigskin, and the cuffs and back are denim.  First time I wore them to split wood on the inlaw's ranch, one finger seam opened.  :(  2nd time, a different finger seam opened.  :(  Last weekend while fixing fence, a rusty barb punctured the glove and my finger.  :(  

SO!  I contacted Wells Lamont via the FB thingy and told my sad story.  I didn't embellish, I didn't cry or show my bloody finger....and they replied with a message to reply with my address and they'll come mow my yard, trim my trees, plant my flowers and wash my motorcycle.  Now that, my friends, is good customer service.  I'd have been happy if they'd sent a bandaid, said they were sorry and that it'll never happen again.

Had a good customer service FB experience with Rayovac batteries earlier this year...had bought a 12 pack of D cells from Menards,  the 6 unused batteries were all corroded.  So I took some pics and sent them to Rayovac, along with a note.  They sent back 12 new batteries and a LED lantern as an apology gift.  We use the batteries in flashlights.  Not "adult themed devices" or "marital aids".  You people have dirty minds, and I like that in a constant reader.  

We've got so many flashlights around here you'd think we are afraid of the dark.  It's come in handy, like when the damn cat sneaks out after dark....that bastard blends in with a shadow extremely well.  We put a bell on him, but as you know, it only works when he's moving.

Sad that I get nothing but ignored by BunnOMatic, and I've been a cheerleader for quite a few years.  Not any more.  The bastards can go fly a kite while sucking an egg.  They can kiss my ass like there's no tomorrow all the way to the bank.  Not sure why they're going to the bank...they're getting no more of my money.  Dad's gone thru a couple of them, I've had a couple, inlaws had one, another friend has burned up a couple and Bunn really does not care.  They used to pretend to care, but now?  Send it back along with more money than it takes to buy the competitor's pot and we'll send you another.  Screw that.  Yeah, ok...mine is working fine for now...because I got parts off of a leaker.

Bottom line, hindsight tells me that sideways and square corners is much better than explosive diarrhea.  Pun intended, of course. 

Speaking of leaks, I had a New Glarus Hearty Hop IPA tonight, and it was excellent.  ttyl
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