Monday, January 28, 2013

Carnival Breeze food pics.

Some call it food porn, I don't know why.  Maybe they do something with their food that I don't know about, I'm not going to ask and I'm not going to judge what you do with your carrots before or after you peel them.

The ship has a lot of food.  I could find some stats, and maybe I's a huge amount of food.  We did a galley tour once and we did a behind the scenes tour once, getting to see the coolers, the freezers, the refrigerators. We also saw some dry storage, too....huge amounts of food is prepared and a huge amount is wasted.  There are starving people in all of these countries that we're visiting....but no way to get that food to them.  So we feed the fishes late at night.

The first thing we do when we board a ship is have lunch.  That's about all there is to do, other than walk around, and since you've got some carry on luggage with you, who wants to carry that crap around any longer than you have to?  Note:  some people say "schlep" and I don't know why.  Personally, I think it's a foreign word and I don't speak foreign languages...maybe some day Rosetta Stone will give me a free copy of something and I'll learn it, but don't hold your breath.

We got to the ship pretty early after checking in at the airport cruise desk.  It was cheaper for us to shuttle back to the airport and cab to the cruise port than to shuttle to the cruise port.  Plus we were able to check in at the airport and that enabled us to go right thru when they were ready.  So we were on pretty early, but our room wasn't ready until later, they always estimate 1/130.  So off we go up for lunch.  It's hard to remember which side is which, which way is which, so I generally get turned around, which is no big deal if I'm alone, because I never leave anything on the table that I want to keep...unless I know exactly where I'm going and have enough bread crumbs so I can get back.

Food at the buffet is average...nothing very good, but nothing terrible either.  On our MSC cruise, they had the best sausage linkys that I've ever had.  It was probably made from goat scrotum and llama lips, utilizing goose rectum for the casing...but if so, they washed the goose poop clear out of it, because that was good sausage.  On the days that I ate upstairs for breakfast, I went to the burrito station, partly because I was able to find it, and all I could find elsewhere was cereal and grapefruit.  F'ing grapefruit don't taste anything like grape fruits, either, you know?  They taste like my ex-stepmonster and her older sister and brother stared at them while they were growing on that poor tree....and you can bet that tree got no hugs during that glare-fest.  I like grapes.  Sometimes I peel them with my teeth and imagine that OH never mind about that.

I probably should have taken a pic of the Blue Iguana burrito place and it's salsa station.  Back in the good old days I had a light duty pocket camera for those pics and 2 years ago I took a lot more food and general pics, too.  Sadly my favorite pocket camera, a Pentax 7 mp Option L30 died after being dropped in the minivan on the Hawaii trip.  It was turned on at the time, so Val could see the pic of what we were looking at.  Poor dead camera....I've tried to find another one, but have not been able to find one at a reasonable price.  :(

Ok, now for some pics.

 Desert plate first day
 Sushi appetizer
 I don't remember what this was
 Best smoothies on St John, with free rum if you wanted it.
 Pumpkin squash yam vegetabletarian entree.  under the crust it was pretty good
 Val's seafood pasta
 First tea day, the girls didn't go and asked me to show them what was served.  :)
 Starfish and conch, fresh...
 Debi enjoying a "Guy's Burger"
 Val's sister sent a cake for her birthday
 I too had a smoothie in St John

Robin also sent strawberries.  Must have cost a fortune.  Thanks....she loved it.

 Debi enjoying her smoothie
 Weird seafood trio, salmon, some tartare thingy and seared ahi?

 Froggy Legs! not too tasty, though, which was sad.
 Mango cream soup enjoyed the easy way, thru a straw.
 More dry fish, mahi mahi this time.  The redfish and the snapper was also dry.
synchronized mermaids swimming in a sea of spinach slop

So if you ever saw all the pics we had posted from the first cruises, you know we didn't take very many this year.  

Every night we ate dinner in the main dining room, dumbly named Blush.  The anytime dining room is called Sapphire, and that's where we ate breakfast most days.  We enjoy having the same waitstaff each night for dinner, even though they are "supposed" to remember what we like and want and have it ready each night...for example, each night I had iced tea, Val had a diet coke.  The other 2 would change up their drinks, but I had to ask many times each night for the tea.  I also had coffee every night, and that was kinda hard to get too.  We each had the same bread every night but had to point it out.  Not really a big deal, certainly nothing to complain about to anyone that can do something about it.  

There's an Italian joint on top of the boat that charges $12 pp for dinner.  Lunch is free, and I can see why.  We sit around about an hour waiting for a table, they give us the order sheet but they don't tell us to turn the thing in.  They don't tell us the drink station is self serve.  Finally they bring the grub, and it's crap, absolute rubbish.

There's a sushi joint which we walked past a lot, but didn't partake--I don't know what the cost was.  It looked good, smelled good.

There's a steakhouse that charges $30 each, but we didn't go there either.  Why pay for dinner when dinner is included with the purchase of our trip?

There's a place near the sushi place that was free, apparently.  I didn't figure that out until the last day...that could have save some steps, oh well.

Room service is also included, but I didn't have any of that, either.  Pizza is available all day, skipped that too. I only had ice cream from Lido once, got plenty of that as dessert after dinner.  

All pop comes from cans, most people pay $60 for an all you can drink pop sticker.  That's for 8 days, and includes tax and tip.  Coffee, iced tea, lemonade, milk, hot chocolate are all free from Lido and a few other places.  Bottled water is outrageous, but lots of people buy it.  Tap water is good and free.  A glass of beer was over 6, fancy drinks were nearly 10.

And that is all I have to say about food today. 
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