Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carnival Breeze shore

Carnival Breeze shore excursions

But first, a word about engine room fires.  You may have heard that another Carnival ship has suffered an engine room fire.  I don't know what causes these things to happen, a short, sabotage, etc.  5 days of substandard restrooms, no ventilation, not much'd be difficult to remain positive, sleeping on deck to stay cool, taking the stairs everywhere etc.  I'm glad our ship did not catch fire, and I hope to never experience that.

We went on a few side trips:  The cruise went to St Thomas, so we took the ferry to St John to see Paige and John.  Paige drove us around the island, showed us the sights, went to a nice spot for lunch.

The next day we went to Antigua, we boarded a catamaran and circled the island, we didn't really see the middle of the island at all.  After the snorkeling the rum punch was poured freely.  :)

Tortola and Nassau will be in the next post, I guess.  I don't want to bore my audience or overwhelm Uncle Google with all these pics.
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