Thursday, March 21, 2013


If you follow me on the facebook thing, you know we got a dog just after Valentine's day.  This is our 3rd dog in 12.5 years.  Not too impressive, really.  

Skyler came from Paws and Claws, we had him for 7 years.  He was the best dog ever.  Duke came from the Faribault shelter and he was pretty good, compared to most dogs he was great, but he was not as good of a dog as Skyler was.  He had some hound in him, so when his nose turned on, his ears turned off.  Skyler was mostly GSD, maybe a little collie, he really listened and wanted to please. a good dog. He hardly ever barks, never makes a mess, knows a few commands, doesn't do much crotch sniffing or licking.  He may be part border collie, part fox hound, or spaniel, no one knows.

We spent $90 for 6 beginner obedience classes.  Tonight was the 2nd night and the first night with the dogs present.  The boxer was scared of the 4# white rat looking thing, the tan terrier clearly had not been exercised at all before class.  The other tan dog looked kind of like a fox  and was kinda barky.

We started with a touch the hand with the nose thing, then sit, then down, then loose leash walking, and come/here.  Class is an hour, and most of it is spent working.  They use a clicker for training, and loads of treats.  Treats include cheese, cubed rolled dog food, cubed doggy cake.

That cake is some stinky's a can of mackerel, some flour, some garlic powder, 2 eggs...and he loves the stuff.  BTW, the hamburger masher from Simply Tasteless works great for mashing up the fishes, eggs and blending in the flour.  I'm glad it's good for something, since it sucks for chopping up raw hamburger.  

One of our neighbors takes her dog to the hospital, makes the rounds of people that have requested to see a dog.  She thinks that Woody would be good at that, and we agree.  He's got an ideal temperament for it, he's the right size and good bladder control.  So maybe we'll do that once we've had him most of a year and go thru some more training.

BTW, Skyler woke up very sick on Labor Day 2007, we put him to sleep later that day, after an ultrasound, his abdomen was full of blood.  We had taken Duke to stay with Val's folks for a weekend in July 2010, he woke up dead that day.  Hopefully Woody will last a little longer.

This is Duke, I'll have to scan some pics of Skyler.
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