Friday, April 28, 2017

vehicle service records

Since I'm in the process of selling my 2003 Yamaha RoadStar, I got to thinking about service records.

You know, when did I replace the tire, brakes, oil change, etc.  Of course, none of that matters with the pickup.

What I've done with the bikes, is write it in my pocket calendar. That means, of course, I had to go searching back thru several of them to find the front tire. 

What I did with the pickup, is write the event on the oil filter box lid. This worked really well, actually, using either a pencil or pen: mileage, date, event. I've got at least 3 of them, going back to near the beginning of time. 

Brakes, shocks, adding transmission oil, changing differential oil, clutch, wipers, power steering oil, brake lines, tires, etc.

It's a nearly rhetorical question, since so few comment, but what do you do to keep track of stuff? I'm sure there's online programs, apps, etc. I think I'll stay with the box lid. Maybe not be too stingy with space, write as legibly as possible.

Those that know me well are laughing about that.
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