Thursday, April 28, 2011

I understand the need to get rid of stuff, but I have to wonder: what kind of asshole dumps a tv set in a ditch on top of 7' of snow? Is it the same sort that dumps a bath tub in a ditch 12 miles north of the tv? Seriously, how little imagination do you have if you can't find an apartment complex to dump off yer crap?

If it is a cast iron tub, it'd be worth some cash for scrap, maybe I should go pick it up!

Sure, it costs some cash to do the right thing to dispose of the tv properly at the recycle center. doesn't cost all that much. I'll confess something. In 1994, we rented an apartment at a dump that we lovingly called "Rochester Shithole". (This is the same dump where we first installed the 2 roll TP holder.) We signed a year lease, we bought a house 8 months into it, we moved out, we have a months notice, but they weren't satisfied with that, and charged us rent for the rest of the year. This caused me a great deal of annoyance and irritation. Therefore, for the next several years when we had something that we needed to dispose of, we took it there and hoped that the rubbish company would charge them extra. I doubt that they did, but it solved some of our problems. Another benefit of our relationship...I noticed that they were replacing I took some from where they were storing them. I know that 2 of those are still in use today.

FWIW, the shithole is now named "Gates of Rochester". If you can't afford to dispose of your crap properly, don't get more crap. Or if you can't resist, dump it off at an apartment complex. That's all I've got to say about that.

This just in:  the bathtub is gone, but a block north on the other side is a seat from a minivan. 
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