Saturday, May 14, 2011

Advertising in restrooms.  Who thought that was a good idea?

I got this idea from our expedition to a Mexican restaurant, had to visit the restroom, so I'm at the urinal, ready to do my business when I hear voices from over there <--------, can just barely hear them over the bad music that is way too loud.  Over there <---------is the sink, and by looking at just the right angle, I can see that a tv is mounted in the mirror.  So...........when I wash, (I do that, you know) (this brings up a memory that my Mom would love to tell about me (I was less than 5) visiting the restroom in the Junction Cafe, having to wait for some dude, then telling him "next time......flush") this Mexican joint has a tv mounted in the mirror and it's playing advertisements.  I don't know how many of you folks have spent a lot of time in the men's room, but the one place/thing we men don't spend  a LOT of time doing is washing our hands.  Some dumbasses don't wash at all, which is one reason to avoid buffets. 

I don't know if guys don't spend a lot of time washing because they don't want the other guys to wonder how they got their fingers so dirty?

I spent a lot of time washing one was at home after a mishap with some soft fresh JB Weld.  It says on the package "washes off with soap and water"  WRONG!  I got it off with citrus based hand cleaner, but it took a while.  There's  a spot of JBWeld on the bathroom sink, I wonder how long it will last.  Bet it will outlast the sink! 

There's a sign at KwikTrip says that employees must wash for 30 seconds with soap and warm water before going back to work.  I've never seen an employee in there, so I have not timed them.  But when I was at the Mexican joint, with the water turned on, I couldn't hear the ad.  But I could still see it when I wasn't looking at what I was doing;  this may be why they don't have the TV's over the urinals.  Isn't it funny that we look at our hands while washing them, but it isn't really necessary.  I'll admit that I only turn on the light when I go into the bathroom so I can read the Readers Digest.  Don't you think it's interesting the number of constipation drugs that are advertised in RD?  Must be a correlation.

I know that these ads are nothing new, AllOverMedia wanted me to advertise with them several years ago...tell me...have you ever called a business because of an ad you saw in a restroom or at a gas station?  I never have, and doubt I ever will.  Certainly I won't schedule a massage from a guy that advertises in restrooms. 

There are some products that would be appropriate in a restroom:  TP, tampons/pads, condoms, escorts, and cleaning supplies.  If I weren't so anxious to get to my dumbly named ebook reader to read about Jack Reacher, I'd make up a tag line for each of those products.  Feel free to leave a tag line in a comment.
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