Monday, May 16, 2011

Went on a motorcycle ride yesterday, here are a few things that I saw and smelled...

In no particular order....oak tree, pine tree, corn stalk, rotten hay, horse, Farmall, pull type corn picker, Mississippi river, dirt, clouds, retarded squirrel, baby cow, bobcat, diesel exhaust, gator, nursery, dead deer, church, motorcycle falling down, walnut tree, red cow, elm tree, goat, gravel, hills, pothole, silage, cow manure, motorcycle exhaust, slice of whole grain toast slathered with strawberry-rhubarb preserves, dead raccoon, locust tree, tulip, lawn mower, sleeping dog, dead skunk, maple tree, JohnDeere, purple bus, willow tree, boats, boots, daffodils, pink trees, purple trees, white trees,

I saw multiples of some of these items, trees, for example.  I saw 2 pull type corn pickers, and at least 2 dead coons.

The intersting thing about some of these items is that you can experience them multiple ways.  For example, you can see and sometimes feel gravel or sand.  You can see and smell diesel exhaust.  Often--you can see, smell and taste a dead skunk, without even trying. 

I sure hope that dog was sleeping...if not....those little kids are going to be sad.

I reserve the right to add more to this list if I remember something.
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