Sunday, May 22, 2011

yep, I drive a pretty old vehicle...a 94 Ford pickup.  Oh sure, it's not as old as a lot of them out there, but a lot older than a lot of folks will consider.  An older vehicle has a lot of's been paid off for 8 years, which is about how old the tires are.  It's got 126,000 miles on it, just barely broken in, right?  Wrong.  Since it is as old as my marriage, it's had to have some repairs....2 or 3 starters, front brakes, ball joints, tie rod ends, 2 alternators, throttle body gasket, clutch, Ujoints, license plate lights, washer fluid pump, water pump, one headlight, right mirror, speakers, window motor repair, front shock absorbers, probably a few more. The water pump wasn't bad, but I was taking out the radiator for repair anyway, so....since I was there...

I've done most of these repairs, for a couple reasons....I derive a great deal of satisfaction from it, hate paying someone to do what I can do at home.  For example, the mirror that that dumbass broke for me would have cost $500 at a repair facility, but only cost $35 for me to change. 

This vehicle business is not as fun as I thought it'd be, so let me tell you about one time way back when I was young and asked the step-monster what was in beans that made them so gassy.  Of course, since she's stupid, she said "methane".  There's no methane in beans....if there one would eat them.  Everyone with half a brain knows that the gas is caused by the bacteria in yer guts eating the beans, digesting them, breaking them down into the little parts causing new chemical compounds to form......which equals farts galore for some people.  I'm somewhat curious how "Beano" works, or is supposed to work, must integrate some chemical into the system to prevent the gasses from forming, or maybe it prevents the bacteria from breaking down the food.  Hmmmmmmmm  In depth discovery and inspection does not interest me in the slightest.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.
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