Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here's an update on the peonies.  The one is still blooming.  I can't believe it...usually it's done in a week, maybe the weather has been just right for it, maybe it is because I did indeed tie a string around it to keep it all standing up. 
See the dead blossoms?  I can't recall ever it having both blooms and dead...unusual, but I like it.

Did I ever post pics of the wheelbarrow?

The old tray and handles.  The last several times I used it, I put the recycle bin in there to hold the stuff.

complete.  I do plan to take a litttle better care of it now.  For example, instead of letting it sit for weeks with a load of crap in it, I dumped it out right away and stood it up so rain can't collect in it.  I may even cover it in the winter. You probably can't really tell that I had to modify the bend in those front supports.  And I guess I should have painted the rim black.  Oh well...

still need to pick up a bunch of that wood mulch stuff for around the hostas under the lilac bushes.  I'd have done it already, but it's clear across town!  Probably 9 miles away!  (I know lots of you folks drive all around, all the I do with the motorcycle, but for some reason, I get cheap when I'm driving the pickup.)  The pickup needs gas...and I'm only getting about one day of work per week.  I plan to go early on Friday, so I only make one trip to that end of town. 

and about now I can hear you:  "where's the funny stuff, I didn't sign up for this wheelbarrow crap!"  I could lie to you and say I'm working on one, but...I'll think of something.
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