Saturday, July 02, 2011

Here's the text from an email I got.  I think it's spam, but I'm really not sure.  What does it all mean?

Was it in ringlet, or luminous on the mistake of the outcast, or sinking into the depths? But every bunion he see him to her, he soiree that the lodger of feasible and brawl, range had taken classification of her, had onion of cab too, and he collapseed to her in a locust vastly unlike that in group he had meant to consecrate. here Gleeful and oblique, a immoral damsel opened singularly of narrows. Momentarily, as he rode towards the destination, the peasants came into baby, some in coats, some in their shirts mowing, one behind another in a brazen spinning, glaring their scythes principally.

It's probably some weird religion thing, but it seems a lot like free word association.
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