Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here are some things that I think are dumb.

  1. blogs with serif font set as default.
  2. bicycle riders that wear life jackets.
  3. grapes in unzipped/unzippable zip top bags.
  4. People that say:  "lower 48 states"  when they mean contiguous.
  5. people that flick cigarette butts out the window.
  6. people that dump their ashtrays out on the ground.
  7. people that park over the line.
  8. people that park mopeds in the 15 minute spot at the grocery store for more than 15 minutes.
  9. me when I can't think of a word.
  10. gas stations and gas prices.  so they can charge tenths of a cent on gas...why is it always 9?
  11. price of butter
  12. Rochester MN's "BBQ Fest".
  13. Rochester MN's "big party downtown"
  14. sending a friend request on FB to someone you don't know w/o including a note of introduction
There are a lot more things that I think are dumb, but I'm not really interested in insulting or offending some people right now.  Believe it or not!

Here's a list of things that I like
in no particular order
  1. pancakes
  2. flowers
  3. dogs (that don't bark)
  4. cats
  5. friends
  6. sunsets
  7. sunrises
  8. tools (hand tools, power tools, guns, etc)
  9. internet
  10. massage (giving and receiving)
  11. books
  12. music
  13. food
  14. nearly everything else
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