Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MI UP review, ramblings and whatever.

Still on Saturday, thought I'd maybe review everything, fill in what I've forgotten or maybe ramble on (waffle) about everything or nothing.

Holy crap, the UP has huge crows.  They seem to have furry legs.  We've seen crows like this on the Ice Road Trucker show.  Since the damn things would not pose for a pic while we were riding, if you want to see one, tune in to IRT.  Crows serve an important part of the ecology/food chain....but I can't figger out what purpose mosquitoes serve.  Well, other than food for bats and birds, which could find other things to eat, I'm quite sure of that.

There's a large wasp nest on the front of my garage, I discovered when I went up to change the halogen light this morning.  The temps were cool enough that they didn't seem to care that I was there...which is good, because I remember how Dad dealt with them...take a soup can with some gas in it, and splash a little in their eyes/nose/mouth/ears.  The sadistic fuckers drop like rocks and never move again.  I took out a 300 watt and put in a 500 watt, cleaned 15 years of dirt and paint off the glass...if I ever have to do anything in the driveway at night...it'll be like daytime.

Step up...so she did.  Maybe it was a base for a telescope?  ON top of that mountain, whatever it's name was.

sculpture on the beach where the wedding party was taking pics.
 Blah blah blah, back to the ride.  I don't know why the pics went above this text.  OH well, doesn't matter. 

perhaps what does matter is that I've forgotten where I stopped and where I started with this blog thingy.  This particular post has been going on and on for 9 days, time to post it.
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