Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday UP part 2

Using a camera mounted on the bike is difficult at best, and dangerous at worst.  Since it is mounted, I don't worry about dropping the camera, but since I have it mounted on the left side of the windshield on the bars, I can really only shoot ahead or to the left.  And since the cam is waterproof, it does not have much zoom capability, which is probably good...since that would just magnify any shake or vibration.  Since the cam is small and my hand is large, I often can't see the screen when I shoot.  Often with my $50 gloves on, I can't feel the button well enuf to get the half click to focus every time.  All that said, you can imagine how happy I am when a pic turns out.  Very happy about that indian feller shot earlier in the day.

Like I said, back the way we came, got gas at the same BP station, Peggy didn't know about our boycott, so I grudgingly put 4 gallons in our bikes.  Get on the bikes and go...we only stopped long enough to put on our coats along the lake...then we got to Ishpeming and DaYooper Tourist Trap.  I'm not going to post all the pics we took there, but I will post some, and if you want to see the rest, if I ever get Photobucket figgered out....maybe I'll post the linky.

this is the back half of an Eagle, probably the best possible use for such a car.
 This place was closed when we got there, but we still walked around to see the outside stuff.  They have a tremendous amount of home made stuff, like a 4wd 56 chevy car with a plow on it.  I'm curious as to the inside of the place, so we'll have to go back.  It's getting dark, on to Marquette for dinner and bed.  Decent meal at a "Cajun" place, they brew beer, have their own RootyBeer too.  Had a whitefish special, pretty good...but not great.  Peggy and Buck escorted us to the hotel, which they wouldn't stay in...said it was beneath their standards.  We didn't have any problems with the place, except that I had not packed my swimsuit.  Decent place, really. 

more ruined bdlgs

here's that steel grate

pulling in to Marquette, quite near our dinner destination.

here's a good example of the trouble using a bar mounted camera.  It metered off the car, so the boat in the background is too dark.  If I knew how, I suppose I could edit the pic.

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