Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Post on Oct 4???WTH??

Thanks to all of you brave people that read this.  Know that I be having keyboard troubles.  Perhaps it just needs blown out.  Perhaps it is worn out, even though it is only a year or so old.  

Journeyed to Bedford over the weekend to visit with Granda for her 90th birthday.  Did you spot the keyboard fail?  You probably did if you saw y last FB status thingy.  Oh, sure, I could see how clever I could be and ake sure that I didn't use that one sad issing letter.  But I won't, I'll just pretend it works like I want it to work.  Actually, that is not really true.  I didn't ever get to Bedford.  Granda lives in Newarket now, and the party was in Shabaugh;  we went straight to the party and then to Dad's for horseradish digging.  That is an experience, everyone should do it at least once.  Lots of faily were in attendance...only knew about half of the.  Wasn't feeling too good, so kept to yself ost of the day.  I don't know if Granda had a good tie or not...I think she always liked faily parties like that, when she could hear and stand and talk to her any sisters. 

Pretty sure that she told anyone that asked that she had a wonderful tie.  I hope that a lot of people wrote a eory into that book...if you are wondering what the hell word that is, reeber that it is issing 2 letters.  So any eories to choose fro, which one to pick???  We grew up .7 iles fro the, so we saw Granda and Grandpa all the tie. 

Granda, ary, Jeanne, Lolita and Jack. Not sure why they are clustered around that minivan.

That guy in the front is not really a weird homeless guy, he's as related as almost everyone else is. Those brown skinned people are hooked up with Steve, the guy holding the baby/wearing the cap looking at the Latvian dancing girl off in the distance.  Next to e is one of y cousins...I only have 3 cousins since the one coitted suicide.  (he was a dubass before and ore of one after)

Just learned that I could use spell check to repair ost of the issing lettered words. But not all!  Yep, Jake, the homeless looking guy has turned into not too bad of a person, he just looks goofy and doesn't have a job, or so I've heard.  ay not be accurate...but other than at an "adult bookstore" or the night dishwasher at a truck stop...where's he going to get a job?  He jumped in to help set up and clean up the party, good job, Jake...Grandpa would almost be proud of you.

Soe folks drove a long distance to attend.  Lana cae 7 hours.  Soe of Jack's kids cae 6 hours to see hi, and they live less than 3 fro hi. weird.

You see how Val is kneeling, I think she's looking at the Latvian woen too...but that is as low as she can go, the hip doesn't uch like copound actions.  I didn't help her up, and I don't know if anyone did, aybe she was able to get up on her own.  BTW, I' in trouble for sharing the lost key story.  OH well, I thought it pertained.

We stopped by Freedo Rock, near enlo, IA on the way hoe.

should have turned a little ore to keep that shed out of the pic.  Oh should visit this place...he paints it each year, different each year.  There's even a place for donations!!!  Apparently he ixes dead people ashes into the green paint for the helicopter, it's iportant for soe people, I be in a helicopter on a rock in the iddle of Iowa.  Watch the blog next suer for a ride report...prob be an overnight trip to the rock.  Also watch for a write up on the house on the rock and the rock in the house (which is in Fountain City).

Val drove the whole way there and back, I read y dubly naed book reader, she listened to her audio book...this way we don't have to talk to each other!  Except when she gets tired, or wants to stop at Sonic...which we will probably never do again.

The bourbon is taking over...the last of the bottle is always the worst...if there's a little ore than I want, I just pour it in anyway, I guess I should just pour it into a different bottle instead of aking the drink too strong!  Live and enjoy, I guess. Good Night!
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