Tuesday, October 04, 2011

UP MI Sunday pt 3 9/11/11

Crap, I forgot to type about the falls.

Took a lot of pics of the upper falls, and this is one of them.  It's a nice park...thing is...in MI, they want us to pay for a sticker to enter.  Sadly (for them) we got there late, the shack was closed, so we could not pay the $5 per bike for an hour of looking.  Well....we could have paid, but didn't want to.  We've stimulated MI's economy quite a bit this week, I don't think that 5 minutes looking at the falls warrants a charge.  If we had more time, it might have been fun to rent a boat and paddle around looking at more falls.  We might have gotten lost, too.

here's a pic of the lake shot down by where the boats were.  And:  Look, our Princess is walking, not limping, hobbling, etc.  5 months post surgery.  Back onto the bikes to the lower falls...yes, it is south.

Long walk to get to these falls, and we're tired and we're hot.  There are bugs and we're thirsty.  Huge parking lot, large facilities, great place.

What a pain to have to keep changing the font each time I post a pic.  The things I do for you.  Did you know that you can click on each pic to see it full sized?
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