Friday, December 23, 2011

Carnival Legend cruise review/report.  Sunday 12/11 debark day.

So.  We got up, packed up, ate breakfast, blah blah blah get in the van and go.

Hey, look....there's the ship.  Crappy pic.  OH well, it's not as if I could get the tripod, light meter, abacus, compass, sextant, get squared up, lined up, test exposure and shoot the frame.  It's pretty much:  open the window, poke the button.  More often than not...the pic comes out. 

Here's what happens.  You drive up to the pier, a porter takes the luggage, we go in and weaver thru the lines.  Present docs, get room key.  Weave thru some more lines, get picture taken. 

They have a photographer and backdrop there to take a bon voyage pic, once we're thru that, we can get on the ship.  First thing on the ship, they take the card, plunge it into the slot and bong, we're officially on the ship.  Val and Brenda went to buy the "behind the fun ship tour" while Jerry and I went to secure a parking place at the buffet lunch.  Basically that is the only thing planned for everyone.  No one can get into their rooms until 130.  There's no entertainment scheduled until after Muster drill, the lifeboat meeting.  A big improvement over years past is that we don't have to take the life jackets.  What a PIA to go to the room, get the thing, go to Mustard, then take the damn thing back.

So, anyway.  We ate some lunch, Val unpacked, we checked out the room, the ship, etc.  The room is nicer than any of the other cruises we've been on.  Seems larger, but at the very least, it's better designed.  Buffet has also been redesigned from the other ships, there are several areas of food.  For example, they have a small line called "chopsticks" which is of course asian.  Another is "carvery" Another is "deli".  I think the idea was to spread out the crowds, keep line jumpers to a minimum.  I think it works, actually, but I  don't think the food is as good as it used to be.  By the time you wander thru all the stations, what you picked out is cold.  The plates are it is sort of compelling to grab a few items at one line, go to another for something else instead of making separate trips to each line and using 6 plates. 

We almost always eat dinner in the MDR, but our servers seem distracted, confused, something.  Dinner was good, every night the dinner was good.  But the service was not as good as we wanted/expected.  Oh well. 

weird how the camera overexposes some things and not others.  Sure wish it'd do that out by the pool/beach area.  In the MDR, for dinner anyway, they put those colourful plates down, and serve the white plates off of them.  I don't know why.  More work for the dishwasher, I suppose.

Dinner was followed by a show, imagine that.  Dinner and a show.  The show was ok, the dancing was good, the costumes were dated.  The set looked ok, I guess.  You can just see the cruise director coming into the pic on the right.  Yes, he's a fat irish/english bloke wearing a kilt.  This night was the only night we saw him in it.  He acts and sounds gay, but isn't, I believe.  Whatever, he was fun.   

After the show, we went around the ship, took pics, visited some various entertainments, such as Polly at the piano bar, Joe at the piano bar, someother dude at a piano bar.  For some reason, Carnival thinks that the best entertainment is a piano bar.  Tiring of that, it's off to bed.

And look!  on the bed there's a pair of towel vaginas!  No, there was no rumpy pumpy with the towel vaginas, Jeff, get your mind out of the swamp.

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