Saturday, January 21, 2012

A word on cruising and Happy Friday...

A friend wrote a bloggy thing about cruising, and I agree with it.  She says it as better or good as I could possibly write it.  Yes, that was intentional.  Here it is: Hope it works. 

Basically it says:  yes it's a bad deal that the ship ran into some rocks and sorta sank, killing some people.  But cruising is one of the safest modes of international travel, so I won't hesitate to go again.  

Like my FB status said yesterday, saw some really goofy people yesterday.  Women, of course.  I think I've commented on this before...but why do people hold their phone with their left hand to their right ear?  So clumsy!  And why would this woman try to push her snow shovel with her right hand?  Must have been an important call!
And then I saw a woman at the gas station that swept her back window clear, then went to the passenger side of the car, swept the roof clean, then re-swept the back window, then cleared the other half of the roof, then re-cleaned the back window AGAIN!  HEY LADY...CAUSE AND EFFECT???  Oh least she cleared it...but why didn't she do it before driving to the gas station?

Yeah, it's now Saturday and I still have not posted this bloggy.  sorry.  Computer was acting up and had to restart.  

Cold enough for you?  You bet.  National Hug Day, that ought to warm you up. Winter is exactly one third over...

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