Thursday, March 29, 2012

Every now and then, I ponder the meaning of life.  Whether or not there is reincarnation, it doesn't matter; you have to start over; nothing you do today or tomorrow  or next decade will matter.  Sure you might read about it in a history book, assuming you come back as a human.

What if you come back as a worm?  You'll never know, so it won't matter.  So, really...what is the point to getting all excited about everything, you know the person, has a to do list as long as her leg, and it keeps getting longer.  Not because she never gets anything done, but because she keeps adding more and more stuff.  Yeah, part of that is due to the kids and all the stuff that they want to do now.

You know, I was a kid once.  Hard to believe now, but I think everyone was at one time.  "what do you want to do when you grow up?"

I never had an answer.  Oh, yeah, at one time I thought I wanted to be a pilot.  Got glasses in 2nd grade, someone said:  you can't be a pilot if you wear glasses.  I thought I wanted to be an archaeologist.  I don't know what caused me to give that up, maybe I saw a show of how boring it is.  For a while I wanted to be a farmer, a mechanic;  actually went to school to be a mechanic and a welder.  Kind of interesting, but no real drive to it. I toyed with the idea of being a maintenance man for several years, working at a couple places doing that, and I enjoyed the work.    As many of you know, and apparently a lot of people don't know, which is odd since I've used the name massagemick for a lot of years, (like since 2004); I went to massage school in 2002.  I didn't really realize that the majority of massage therapists are liberal tree huggers that wear flowered socks or have very light loafers (if you know what I mean)...the discovery that the main teacher and owner of the school I attended didn't shave her legs or pits should have been a clue...but I didn't really fit in to the industry...there's not really a lot of people that WANT a fat hairy old guy to rub oil all their body.  Never mind that he's the best at it in town.  In some regards.

Hell, I don't really want a fat hairy old guy to rub my neck when it aches or when I have  headache, but I do it anyway, because I don't like to reject myself.

No, there's not YET a reality show to determine who is the best massage therapist in the world, but give them another year or 2....

What the hell was this about?

Oh, right, the meaning of life.  I read FiFi's blog the other day and commented on it:  going thru life w/o goals is just coasting.  Our goals include:  becoming debt free and going on vacation.  Well, of course, doing the vacation will not help us accomplish the debt free thing, so it's a vicious cycle of constant failure.  Sort of.

Somehow I made it thru 40 years without making goals or learning how to set a budget.  I recall talking with a advertising person once and getting kind of mad when she asked about my budget...and she was good enough to explain how it was supposed to work.  Yes, this is why my massage business did not thrive.  Well, that plus the fact that I needed a lot more customers each day than I was getting.

So, I'm 42, fat and hairy; what should my goals be?  Lose weight so I can live longer?  What's the point?  I've got everything I want right now.  Feel free to leave a comment.

Edit:  seems as if I always forget to type in something...I keep asking the kids on the bus:  What are you going blah blah...not that I care what they're thinking, but I'm looking for ideas.
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