Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maybe the thing to do here is to just do it.  Seems to work well for Nike.  This is in reference to the lack of posts...just have not had any interesting things to write about.

March.  One of my favorite months, it's in the top 12.  March 6, 1981...went roller skating in Creston IA with Jim Meikle and the 4H(?).  I was not comfortable nor confident skating, but I tried anyway.  Fell down a couple of times, but was getting more confident.  Then they turned on the black lights and the floor lit up with all sorts of stars, moons, all sorts of shit.  Yep, fell down again, and of course got right back up again, but other than to get to the side, didn't move under my own power for a while...turns out I broke my ankle.  We determined that the NEXT day when we went to the ER.  Seems like they stuck me in a bed and didn't cast it till the NEXT day because the swelling was too much.  I was in that damn hospital for 5 days.  A cast from my toes to mid thigh, didn't come off until May 2...which happened to be a camping trip for the boy scouts.  Also got my first bath in those 2 months, there must have been half an inch of yellow gunk/dead skin on the sole of my foot.  Keep in mind that my knee had not bent more than a tiny bit in that cast, imagine if you can the pain when it did bend to 90*.  Holy hell, nearly pissed myself.

Here's a short list of things I like this week:

  • the softness of new pine needles
  • the perfect minitureness of a brand new maple leaf
  • magnolia blossoms 
  • going out to eat with friends
  • smell of hyacinths
  • the sound of my motorcycle
March 9, 2004 started like pretty much any other day, and ended fine.  It had a rather bad couple hours in the middle, however.  It was one of those weird weather days, a little below freezing, high humidity, which caused a very thick slippery frost to develop in some areas.  Yep, you guessed it...crashed a bus.  It was so slippery that the ambulance guys were trying to get stuff out and kept sliding back away from the ambulance.  Only one person was actually injured and only wanted his medical bills paid.  Interesting note about the bus:  they did not repair it; it was fairly near retirement, so insurance totaled and paid what it was worth.  The other 3 buses like that one they sold as scrap.  I wonder if the difference paid the medical bills?  6 weeks later I was put on "on call status", they never called again.  Coincidence?

March is typically motorcycle maintenance and modification month.  In 2009, I tore my old Honda apart.  I put in wheel bearings, steering bearings, new brakes, new wires, new bulbs, I had a lot of fun with that.  In 2010, I did some electrical mods to Val's Honda,as well as hard saddlebags.  In 2011 I put new saddle bags on my Yamaha, added some lights which look like crap because I'm a cheap bastard.  This year, it's more saddle bags, but on Val's new bike.  I put in new batteries, new brake fluid, and a new license plate light.  (that'll be tomorrow.)

What's next? Oil changes, new brake fluid for my bike, see about the luggage rack for Val's bike, too.  Plus whatever else I've forgotten to tell you.  Nice that this year it's been warm instead of huddling over the soldering iron trying to keep warm.  I think that speeds up the process, a little sweat makes it go back together faster.  

I have no idea what I'll do next year to the bikes, I guess all there will be to do is maybe brakes and oil changes.  Hmmmmmm.  Won't that be too bad...no spending $600 on stuff.

Heard an odd name for a jr high kid; I think she won't lack for sexual partners when she's old enough, no matter what she looks like.  Her name?  Heaven.  EVERY guy is going to want to say:  Heaven, I'm in Heaven, and my heart beats so that I can barely speak....
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