Friday, February 24, 2012

Posts on a FB group I was part of led me to think about the words we use and the words we don't like.

Here's a list of words or terms or phrases that I want to go away.  Why?  It's my blog, that's why.  I've never been nor will ever attempt to be trendy.

Here's a short post of something that drives me right up the friggen wall, this is a member from that group and this is the way she'd post to it.  My reply to one:  Can we buy a god damned vowel??:  Yes bt on the sde u can cm 2 me r I'll cm 2 u!!! Cll me we cn wrk smn out!!

No, I don't think she's a whore.  It was in reference to a hair style question.

On with the list.  (no particular order)

  • mad skillz
  • any word changed to end with z
  • any word changed to contain the #8: e.g. gr8
  • ho
  • douchebag
  • the use of fly.  see linky for video below
  • the re-purpose of the word: sick
  • yadda yadda yadda
  • mis-use of the word:  tool
  • repeating a word to add emphasis e.g. "are you going home home?"
  • my bad (I recently saw in a book: his bad)
  • phat
  • kewl
  • bioatch or any variation thereof
  • rockstar when not in reference to a band similar to the Scorpions or VanHalen.
  • Rocking, when not referring to the action of a chair
  • into it, down with it, feeling it
  • give it up
  • just sayin
  • shut the front door

Someone in that group declared that she didn't like the "c-word", the "p-word" and the "b-word".  Someone else declared that she didn't like the word "fart" and could we just all agree to use the word: poot.

UH, no.

Why?  I have a friend that has Poot as a nickname, it suits him somehow, but I've never heard him fart.

Lets discuss some of these words.

"C-word"  We (of course) have to assume what word she is referring to.  For the sake of not being obtuse I'll assume that she means "cunt" and not "create" or "conflict" or "crap".  I do agree that using the word to describe a person is in bad taste and should only be used in extreme circumstances.  Everyone is to decide this on their own time.  I don't see any reason not to use it to describe that little pocket of delight that we all want to spend more time with.

Since I didn't feel like coming up with anything clever for those other lettered words, I'll go on to a different one.

"K-word"  Superman can't function in the proximity of kryptonite...he h8's it.  Oooo look, how fly!  My bad.

Crap, now I want to go splash my eyes with acid, wash my mouth with soap and break my fingers.

I'll go on the record and say I don't see anything wrong with the word "retard".  I don't see why we can't call someone a retard, especially if they are indeed retarded.

If someone is bitchy, we don't hesitate in calling her a bitch..although someone has devised a "clever" spelling to soften the blow.

[I keep scrolling back up to add more to the don't like list.]

Why is there a difference?  Other than that the bitchy one can change her behavior/attitude???  Just sayin.

I did it again!

I'm going to go get a stick to beat me with.  BRB

While I'm gone, here's a linky to a cat video

My opinion on this video?  Some great pics in the video, but come on...anyone that has a cat knows that they would NOT tolerate a typo or grammatical error.

It took probably 10-12 years before I took up using the word "cool" in some other context than it was originally intended.

Here's a short list of words and phrases that I do like and use either occasionally or frequently.

  • Get R done
  • bastards
  • turd burglar
  • dickhead
  • crap
  • WTH, WTF
  •  kitty!  e.g. Monster's Inc
  • congratulations
This just in:  I really liked Jack Palance.  He was a great bad guy.

Actors that yell all their lines annoy me.  (curt russell, nicholas cage)
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