Thursday, April 05, 2012

This bloggy episode is the one that will probably get me killed, beaten, or worse:  my keyboard may get taken away.  It seems easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission...but I'm probably wrong about that.  I'm sure that I'll be corrected...but hey, if I wind up in the hospital, please visit and do wear your yoga pants.

Let me say this before I get too involved with the main subject:  I found a penny and picked it up, but I did not get lucky today.  Yeah, Yeah, you say you're not interested in that, but you are.  Admit it.  Of course, you don't want to watch, you just want to hear about it.  And that is ok.  I did not have bad luck, but that's probably because I also found a dime.

So, after 4 days of intense scrutiny, I've noticed that lots of womens are wearing fancy embroidered ass jeans.  [disclaimer:  after I decided to do the research for the bloggy thing, I saw no more of these jeans, only plain]{sometimes research is fun, sometimes it is hard}

I was going to post some pics, but I'd either have to take some pictures, or pull them off the interwebs thingy, and it's hard to find a real picture, the shopping websites are kinda goofy.  If you have some pics of yer butt in fancy assed embroidered jeans, please send them to me, I'll post them on the bloggy thing.

To stave off boredom while driving in circles today, I let my imagination wander.  I'm thinking that a good way to make some money would be to create a calendar.....women of Mayo, wearing fancy assed embroidered jeans.  From what I've seen this week, there'd be no problem finding enough to fill a calendar; might be enough to do a weekly.

Some months (or weeks) the girls could be bent over pushing a gurney into a ambulance, they could be hanging off the side of a shuttle bus, weeding the tulip beds, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, maybe for those weeding girls, we should find some of those yoga pants and get the words LOVE MICK emblazoned on the rump.

Ladies:  do you buy/prefer the jeans with fancy pockets or do you prefer the plain boring style?  Why/why not?  Here's my thoughts:  I'm thinking that you womens like to have a little more decoration, "bling", so to speak.  Embroidery is just the start of the excitement...there's beads and shiny stuff, defies description.  The funny thing is that the girls that have these jeans, have a nice butt....of course, this could be due to the magic jeans.  I need to halfway retract that...the girl I saw with the beads/jewels/etc was too skinny to have a nice butt...she clearly had the fancy pants to make up for having a small butt.

I wonder if those that don't get the fancy assed jeans prefer to not have anything to act as a  distraction to the casual or professional observer who should be watching for the wriggle and the jiggle.  Of course, if you get them tight enough, there's no wriggle....or are you too cheap to get the fancy pants?
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