Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LOL here's one I banged out a while ago but never posted.

Good morning, happy Tuesday....

Clicky this linky, listen to the music as you read. 

The sky is dark, the sun is several hours away from coming up, the bed is soft and warm, all snuggled in with my wife.  5am comes and goes, and I sleep, dreaming of a college volleyball team doing yoga and jumping on a trampoline.  5:30 slips past, with dreams of Grandma making pies, pies with no calories or fat.  Link for more mood music. it's not exactly the same alarm tone as Val has set for her first alarm at 6, but you can bet that all dreams came to an abrupt end.  Maybe you've seen my glasses...I've got astigmatisms in each eye, can't see very well at all w/o my glasses. 

So her alarm went off, instantly I knew that I was late.  I set my alarm for 5, normally I hit the snooze once or twice, then get up.  I shower, sometimes I even shave.  I get dressed, make some breakfast and coffee and check in on FB.  That's not what happened today.   My alarm didn't go off, or if it did, I turned it off, I have no memory of hearing it.  Val uses her phone as her alarm clock, sets one for 6, one for 615 and one for 630.  Yeah, kinda weird....but effective.  That trumpet blasted reveille, I shot out of bed, grabbed my glasses, hauled ass down the stairs.  I saw the time, 6:02 after my bathroom pit stop...decision I call in or not?  I could call, say "hey, dude, I'm on the way, but running a bit late...can you get it going for me?"  I calculated drive time:  10 minutes.  Not going to call.  I was out the door in about 5 minutes, I even grabbed my coffee, my book, made sure I had my phone and wallet, was very happy to see there was not any frost to scrape. 

Usually, traffic on Tuesday is the worst traffic all week.  Today's trip in was ok, hit some red lights, but right at the end of the red.  You know how it is, get up there right before it turns green.  Just enough red light to irritate you.

What's the point to this post?  Just bragging, I guess.  I can go from bed to work in 16 minutes.  Of course, that means I have had no breakfast yet, but I get a short break at 730 at Kwik Trip.  Different industries have different rules/needs/expectations.  If you're a paint delivery guy, it's not too critical to be on time.  If you're a secretary at Mayo, a few minutes here or there won't affect much.  Bus driver?  Pretty important to be on time.  There's 45 kids heading out the door to wait for me to pick them up starting at 640.  By 652, I've got them on the bus and heading for school.
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