Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Freedom Rock Ride, June 10, day 3...

Are you dying to know if yer image is larger, smaller, or the same size?  I'm going to tell you, but not right now.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuper 8, Webster City.  The bed was as hard as a rock, as hard as a supermodel's  ass, as hard as Jack Reacher's head.  Of course, I've not experienced a head butt from Jack Reacher, nor do I ever want to.  (Reacher is the subject of a series of books by Lee Child)

The chair was pretty comfortable, I read until 10.  Val was in bed and asleep a little earlier again.  I believe I woke about 5, maybe 5:30, I was packed and ready to go by 6:30 or so, as advertised.  We had breakfast at McDonalds, partly because we like it, partly because it was cheap (sort of).  It still took nearly an hour.  WTH?

East on 20, into the burning hot sun.  I could sing you the song, about sunshine in my eyesssssssssssssssssss can make me cryyyyyyyyyy...yeah, well anyway, we were heading to Iowa Falls to see the sights.  I wanted to stop and ask some people where the falls are, but based on our experience in Coon Rapids and the road....of course, there's probably only one river in Iowa Falls.  Here's what we saw.  Disregard the bird shit, ok?

I didn't frame that picture very well, did I?  Damn tree, anyway.  Did you read the plaque?  I thought about brushing away the bird shit before I took the pic, but I didn't want it all over my hands....some do gooder had picked up all the sticks.
Iowa Falls has a nice veteran's memorial.  Now I had to decide if I need to find a restroom or not.  I guess..................not.  Let's go!

Where did we go?  Charles City, I think.  Yes, onward and upward to Charles City to see the world's oldest tractor.  About this time, we decided to deviate from the plan a little bit, to save a couple miles.  Ok, ok, it came back to bite us in the end...but we didn't know that then.  And this edit really screws up the context of the next sentence, but you'll figure it out, I'm certain.  The only problem with this plan is that the damn museum is not open on Sunday morning.  They had a couple of tractors outside, but not the one I wanted.  Bastards, trying to preserve it....
Val's bike this time.  It's a Hart Parr, the tractor, I mean.  The bike is a Honda.  Right across the street is a Kwik Star, which is the same as our Kwik Trip, but since IA has Quik Trip, Kwik Trip is Kwik Star.  Weird, huh?  Gas and restroom, just what we needed.   Now we have to decide:  lunch now or later?  Let's see what's available in Nashua.

Here's something we saw that we wouldn't have seen if we had stuck to the directions and not turned on 3 to go to 18.
Yes, it's a mailbox.  The flag is broken...and you stuff the mail in her butt.  Hmmmm, I said "her" because there's no pecker, but there's only one hole....have to channel AlGore to find out the answer to this burning question.  Now that I've had a couple minutes of reflection, I imagine that a mailbox would be asexual, right?

The mailbox belongs to?  Not to a hog farmer, but!  To Stroker Ace Custom Cycles of Allison, IA.  Right on the NW corner of Hwy 3 and 14.

Now my directions are wrong.  Leaving KT was fine, take 18 out of town, but then instead of intersecting with the Avenue of the Saints, we went east quite a ways, so then we had to go south and then west again to get to Nashua to see the Little Brown Church.

That sucker is tiny, huh?  I'm feeling Lilliputian right about now, or maybe I need to name my motorcycle Babe, the blue bike.

Yep, a church.  Brown, as advertised.  There is a song about it, and I hear that one of Val's uncles/aunts married here.  We don't know why.

Lunch in a cafe in New Hampton followed by a non-stop ride home.  The wind is really blowing from the south, so I took a slight detour which minimized the distance we'd be going west...but still got to feel that windyness in a couple short westerly jaunts.  We got great gas mileage, nearly 50.

We learned a few things on this trip, had fun on this trip.  Here's one last pic:

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