Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tools for the motorcycle.  You non tooly sort of people (most girls) will find this to be as boring as going to Menard's, Fleet Farm, Northern or Harbor Freight....but I promise to try to insert some humour into this post.

As sand flows through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives, and they are counting down to our 10 day trip to Colorado.  Nearly 2x longer than the longest trip we've been on with the bikes, you can bet we'll take time out of our busy evening to do some laundry.  Can you imagine 10 pair of my sweaty underwear in a black bag in the full sunshineyness of NE in early August...the vultures will be circling.

We have somewhat old bikes...mine was constructed 10 years ago, but is registered as an 03.  Val's is an 06...so sometimes things go wrong, or come loose.  For example, the day before I was heading to the cities to join some friends, I saw that I was missing a bolt that holds on my right foot rest AND rear brake master cylinder/brake pedal.  Fairly important bolts, in my opinion...so I left early to get one.  I had some tools in the saddlebags, but I was not successful in getting the right size bolt.  I did buy the wrong pitch, meaning I bought a standard thread when I needed fine thread.  No, they didn't have fine thread.

What do I need for tools?  Dunno...what's going to happen?  Dunno!  I was carrying the tool kit that came with the bike, which has some interesting pieces in it.  I was also carrying a rubbermaid box with some wrenches and allens and screwdrivers and zip ties and pliers and rags and a flashlight.

Murphy's law indicates (and you know how I feel about some Murphys) that you will only need the tool that you do not have.  And for sure, I know I can't carry everything.  What I have is heavy already!

I was not on this ride, but I heard the story about the exhaust pipe burned thru, was shooting fire onto the rider's leg.  The riders in the group were resourceful enough to get that damaged bike (Harley Davidson) to a HD dealer where he could get new exhaust installed.  That reminds me to throw in some wire....actual, honest to god baling wire.  The roll was destined to be installed onto a hay baler, except it wound up in my garage instead.  I love it when that sort of thing happens.

No, I didn't steal it, I bought it from FleetyFarm or TSC or Farm and Home.  It's pretty good wire, too.

So...you want to know what I've got for tools on the bike?  OK

  • sockets, ratchet and extensions
  • combination wrenches
  • needle nose pliers, small channellocks
  • phillips and straight screwdrivers
  • Allen wrenches
  • some of the stock tools, the big/special sizes
  • air pressure gauge
  • air compressor
  • First aid kit with an extra set of shears and gloves in an alternate location
  • flashlights
  • bee sting goop
  • advil
  • lots of water
  • cargo net and bungees
So what.  Who gives a load of bollocks?  Obviously you do, because you're still reading.

what is wrong with you?

just kidding, you're my favorite person in the whole world.

I had a little LED flashlight in my alt glove case, the batteries were getting pretty low...only 3.6 volts.  New batteries.  New batteries in the other light too; they were barely sparking the bulb.  I almost bought another LED flashlight at Menard's today...came with batteries included...free after rebate.  But....I think I have enough flashlights.  

Boy, you never know when you'll need a flashlight...which is why I carry a few.  What if you're at the strip club late and you drop yer key in the parking lot?  How will you find it if you don't have a flashlight???  What if you don't get to the hotel until after dark...how will you see to unpack all yer crap?  

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, I used to have a little flashlight I could carry in my pocket.  All the girls would say:  "Is that a thimble in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?"  I'd say:  "huh?"  

Have you ever heard the "song" from Rodney Carrington about the snowman?  Who put the dick on the snowman and embarrassed the family...

The flashlight was very small, I think it used 2 4A batteries, and you just squeezed the sides to make it work.  It was awesome....and I miss it.  *sniff*

Remember when you dropped your Asia cassette and the fucker bounced under the front bench seat of your 66 Ford?  That flashlight came handy that day, let me tell you.  Found a great big bullet under there one day, pretty sure the stepmonster stole it, since it was MaMas and Daddy's car before I bought it.

I've got to tell you, this iced tea I'm drinking is the best tea I've had all day.  2 big tea bags and one special tea bag...this one was some sort of spiced tea, but mint is good, too.

Sheila is thinking about tea bags...or tea bagging.  Naughty girl....

Some of the most important tools I have in the saddle bags will help me quickly and gracefully put on my rainsuit pants, should I ever need to wear them.  Plastic sacks to put on over my boots, so that there's no friction!

I know you were sad that there were no pics, so there you go, some pics.  No, we did not eat the Rotel.

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