Saturday, June 30, 2012

A letter to a motorcycle repair facility:

Dear Bastards,

Here I sit, in my underpants, not eating breakfast with my friends/preparing to go on a nice long ride that's been planned for a couple of weeks because you lied to me.

I called you on Monday, my birthday, asked when I could bring in my motorcycle so you could extract 2 broken bolts.  You said:  bring it in Tuesday, we may not get to it on Tuesday, but for sure on Wednesday.  I said:  great, it'll be kind of late Tuesday, but since we don't plan to ride until Saturday, that should be perfect.

I called you on Thursday.  "Mike's been working on a tough one, just finished it...he should get yours in tonight yet and done first thing in the morning."

I called you on Friday at 4.  "Just took one off the bench, yours is going on next, I'm real good at these, should only be half an hour...but I'll stay late for you."

I tried to tell you that I'd rather take it for the weekend and bring it back on Monday.  You wouldn't listen.  You never listen.  A big part of customer service is listening to the customer.

You lied to me.  You said it'd be done on Wednesday.  You said it'd be done on Friday.  You said it'd take half an hour.  You said you'd stay late.  We went there last night, but you weren't there.

Sure, Jeff said I could take his bike...and I appreciate that.  It's incredibly generous.  But if I don't have my special seat, I won't be comfortable.  Can't get my seat because you people don't open until 9.  The ride leaves at 930 from Winona.  Could possibly make it in that time...but would probably get a ticket....or arrested.

So, bastard-pros, where did I go wrong, other than calling you instead of a more professional motorcycle repair facility?  Should I have called on Wednesday to make sure you didn't forget about my bike?  I'm sure you left it sitting outside, like you always did with the moped.  Short of yelling at you to make sure you heard me, I don't know what more I could have done or said.

Cycle Bastards, you seem like good guys.  You really do.  You seem to try hard, but it just never comes together.  I'm frustrated, I'm may be downgraded to tire boy after this.  I'll know soon.
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