Sunday, July 01, 2012

As I imagine it, a letter from Cycle Bastards to me:

Dear Mr Bastard,

If you had brought your POS bike to us for repair initially instead of that HD hack, we could have repaired it in the half hour that we estimated.  It would have only cost you a few dollars and you would not have missed your precious ride.

To properly remove a broken bolt it has to be drilled through straight..and he didn't do that.  In fact, if he hadn't broken the EZ Out thingy off but kept drilling, we're certain that the head would have been fucked....completely and totally fucked. Yes, that is the technical term.

Here at Bastard Pros, we don't believe in using the term:  shot.  As in:  the head was drilled crooked, and therefore is shot.  Or:  The bucket has a hole in it, it's shot.

Yes, you brought the "bike" as you call it to us on Tuesday.  We forgot about it.  Sue us.  A series of stupid and gullible people came in begging us to fix their better/higher class motorcycles first because they had important places to go, unlike you.

Yours is done now, get over it.

Bastard Pros
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