Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 Regional ride review, Saturday, day 2.

I woke early and stumbled to the shower.  Showers in a new environment are always a challenge for me, for a couple of reasons.  I'm unwilling to make a mess, so I take my glasses off and get right in there.  Then I can't see any instructions on the valve, so it's trial and error before I get the temp right.  I don't often get scalded, but when I do, you can bet that I curse. The shower was pretty nice, a good size, and a high shower head with decent pressure.  Ok, ok.  Enough of me being naked in front of all you nice people!  (There's your daily appetite suppressant.)

I get ready and go outside.  Greg is out there, drinking coffee and watching the clouds cover up the sun.  He snaps some pics and we chat a bit.  I wander around a little, head in to the breakfast room for some coffee, and to see what they have.  I see raw bacon, gravy and pop tarts.  I grab a pack of them for us for later, head back out to uncover the bike, etc.

I don't know why we bothered to cover the bikes...the covers are not waterproof, so I had to wipe them down as if they weren't covered.  Yes, remember....I went to bed when the rain started last night.  I put my towel over my dead sheep to dry it off, wiped the windshields, seats, etc.  Cleaned my visor and sunglasses, too.  About 8 I ride it out front so we can head to breakfast at the casino.  We left in groups, unorganized, no problem, it's only a mile and no one got lost.  I took my sheepskin off my seat...looks like it's going to rain some more.  Lynn hung her helmet by the helmet lock on her front tire, the helmet hangs upside down there.  (bad idea)

We went in, paid, commenced eating...I think maybe 10 minutes after we arrived it was raining hard.  Very hard.  Lynn's helmet is filling up.  BTW, the breakfast buffet there is $6.  Anything you want to drink....pop, coffee, juice, milk, any combination therein.  Eggs any way you want them.  Pancakes, waffles, ham, bacon, sausage, fruit, pudding, toast, etc.  It's a good value.  Pretty soon, Bubba and Bubblebug came in, pretty wet.  That'll teach them!  Show up on time!!!  Steve called to find out the plan, they got there before we left, and in time to show off Julie's new towel.

Lynn's helmet was totally soaked, of course, and she wasn't going to wear it, but then decided that she should.  Not sure how much fun that was, but it had to be better than bare headed when the rain set in on our ride.  There were several folks w/o helmets and rain suits...I think it'd be pretty uncomfortable to be wet all day, and to not be able to see.

The ride was good, lunch at Milty's was good, the secondary ride was good.  We went up on top of the mountain in Lansing, it was a very interesting ride up and down the hill...very steep.

Dinner tonight is provided by the motel, burgers and hotdogs, cole slaw and macaroni salad.  They also provided a cooler full of Old Milwaukee beer.  If that won't entice you to join us next year, I don't know what will.

Since it had rained, we started a fire, that was kind of fun.  Hey, what happens at the fire, stays at the fire.

Lemonade and bourbon, finished the bottle...mmmmmmmmm

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