Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bloggy post 101.  Re-introduction?  No, probably not.

If you sense I've lost interest in this bloggy thingy, you are mostly correct...I'm having a very hard time coming up with interesting crap for you to read about.  

I could tell you about my woodshop, how it's about 1/3 cleaned up.  I need some buckets or bins or shelves or something before I finish. 

Turns out there's a box of booze like stuff on the floor in the middle, pretty much right in the way.  It's been there way too long, but I work around it, pile more stuff on top of it.  I know it has a bottle of margarita mix in it, probably has a bottle of tequila in it.  We've talked about that, right?  It has some wine, maybe some grenadine.  Pretty sure any whiskey or vodka has been removed and consumed.  I've got a dog food sack full of cans, bottles, jars etc that I thought might be useful.  I've got a box full of containers that I got when I was making soaps, lotions, potions, salves and the like.  At the rate I'm using them, I've got enough for the next 578 years.  I doubt I'll live that long.

I've got some cans of paint that have been there pretty much since we moved in, when I was working for a paint store.  The cans are not aging well...probably time to move the lot to the recycle center.  Or dump it all into a 5 gallon bucket and paint the living room, hallway, bedrooms/office.  I don't mind the painting...but I don't like the prep/moving all the stuff!  

I should just haul a lot of the wood scraps out and burn them.  I always think I'll find a use for them, and sometimes I do, but....there they sit, for the most part.  I should find a project that uses small bits of oddly shaped pieces.  Ideas??

Need to complete 2 suitcase repairs...one has a broken bracket, one has a bad zipper pull and a decorative doodad is coming off.  They don't build that stuff like they used to, for sure.

Bored yet?


Rule #4 for blogging is to add pics if the audience is bored.  They don't have to pertain to anything.  But these pics are from an event we went to last year, but may not go to this year.  :(

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