Thursday, November 22, 2012

A friend crashed his motorcycle on Halloween.  I say it that way because (if I understand the story correctly) he caused the crash.  As I understand it, here's what happened.

The friend was westbound, crossing a 4 lane divided highway, speed limit is 55.  He successfully crossed the northbound lanes but got hit by a southbound  vehicle.  

That stretch of road is wide, straight, flat, with no obstructions other than the normal signs, and not too many of them.  

The vehicle was equipped with day time running lights, which is good, since Crash's brother said it was one of those colours that blend into the road and sky.
So....what happened???  Was there a blinding reflection off the windshield?  He should have been able to see the car coming south from a long ways away.    He was only wearing a half helmet, so there wasn't a dirty shield in the way, no obstructions from the side of the helmet.  

I was in the area yesterday, and at that intersection straight ahead is the sun.  If you look north, the sight line is clear, same for south.  Somehow he didn't see that dumb car, it's sad.

I stopped in the DQ where the guy that saved his life works.  I thanked him, of course, then suffered thru a peppermint blizzard.

The friend is in the VA hospital, had another surgery to remove infection from his spinal surgery a week ago.  

Look twice for motorcycles, and biker friends....look 3 times for those damn cars....they are everywhere.
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