Thursday, November 22, 2012

Garage cleaning, autumn 2012

We've talked before about how garage cleaning is a bit like having ADHD, right?  Here's how it went this morning:

Enter garage and turn on the lights.  Look around and swear.  Wonder where to start.  Go sit on the bench for a few minutes, see the pickup and remember that it's sick, better look at it for a few minutes.  I gather up the 4 gallon latex paint cans to take inside, while I'm going in to get the keys.  Sit down at computer, check FB.  30 minutes later, I have to pee, too much coffee.  Done there, grab keys and look at engine for a little while, I see nothing wrong, no surprise there....there's not much wrong, so the problem will not be obvious.

My main work bench is about 2 feet high with stuff, better start there.  Put away some tools, some parts and stuff I've bought, hang some light bulbs on the pegboard, put the plastic sacks in the sack full of sacks. Put the pliers in the can o'pliers, screwdrivers in the rack.  Put the box of screws on the shelf where it belongs and then find a pkg of screws that belongs in the box. 

The sales tax people didn't pick up their lawn sign, so I pulled it and put it in the garage, now to better store it...cut the zip ties, but I can't get the sign wedged behind the plywood in the corner, oh well, leave it for now.

You know how it goes, this belongs on that shelf, oh, hey, there's a small sack of fertilizer.  Autumn is the best time to spread that crap, or so I've been told by AlGore and the internet, so back inside to get some of those nitrile gloves, pour the fert into a little bucket and spread it.  Where's that other sack, this one didn't cover the whole yard...ah, yes, right where I left it last fall, on top of the snowblower.  The crap feels like it's solidified in the sack, that's nice...if it is hard before the sack is open, what will it be like in the spring after sucking up atmospheric moisture all winter.  :(

Lawn sprinkled, I wonder what else I should do while the temp is so nice.  It's 10:30, do I have time to clean the gutter?  Sure I do.  Maybe I'll install the gutter toppers on the east side of the house.  I set off around the house with the ladder in one hand, the box of toppers in the other.  Yeah, the shingles are stuck down very well, there's no way to get the toppers installed the way they're supposed to go.  Descend from the ladder and tripped over a steel rod sticking out of the ground about 4 inches.  What the hell?  I wonder if it's a survey stake.  I wonder if I can pull it out.  Not with my bare hands, even after I kick it back and forth a few times, it's a lot looser, but I'll need pliers to get it out. If it is a survey stake, the neighbor has had his fence on my side of the property line all this time.  About 3' worth.  Oh well....more for him to mow.

East gutter clean, I check the south end of the west gutter, it's full too, but I can see that under the topper is clean, so I see that they're working as advertised.  

Better put the cover on the grill, wish I could remember to do it the same night as we grill, but once the fire is off and the door is shut, I forget about it.  

Cover the mower with the bucket I had used to transport all that squash, and basically, I didn't get much done. 

I did, however, go for lunch with a friend and then rode my motorcycle for 140 miles to get some beer that is only available in WI.  BTW, it's only 80 miles round trip to WI.  :)  I did put StaBil in the gas again, so just in'll be ready.

I've got another full day of work in the garage before it'll be done; can't wait.
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