Sunday, May 26, 2013

Harbor Freight trailer build, Alum Line box

The aluminum box arrived today, I ordered it from Alum Line, located in Cresco, IA.  It took about a month, maybe just 3 weeks, and they delivered it today....for $50.  Delivery meant that I didn't have to pay $43 to IA for sales tax, so that turned out ok.  Saved 3 hours and 3-4 gallons of gas, assuming I would have taken the bike and trailer to pick it up.

First thing to do is to remove the bolts on the top of the frame so the box can sit tight to the frame and also have bolts and holes to secure it.  Measure, mark, remeasure, check, test, measure and check it some more before using my center punch to start the holes.  I used my electric drill to drill a pilot hole while the cordless drill's battery has a 1/2" chuck so I can use the 23/64" bit.  The bolts are 10 mm, which is of course larger than 3/8", blah blah blah.

I don't yet know if the bolts are long enough, they were sized to bolt the frame together and not to add the box as well as a washer.  So I'll probably use slightly longer 3/8" bolts, and enjoy the extra large holes to line things up.

As expected, nothing worked as planned.  Only about 2 holes line up, we forced some bolts in, but the box is a little twisted, so I'll pull out the bolts and ream the holes so that it'll be straight.  

When that is done, I'll get down the grey outdoor carpet and measure, measure, measure and then cut.  Then I'll test fit, cut, test fit, cut, test fit, cut, start over.  Eventually I'll glue it on the sides, but will likely leave the piece on the floor loose so it can be removed, replaced, cleaned, etc.

Sounds like fun, huh.

Yeah, I can't wait.

It needs to be done, though, because it's been my experience that whatever rubs on aluminum turns black.

Black is where it's at.  Once you go black, you never go back.  Black is the new red.  Back in Black.  
Screw that.

I want the crap we put in the wagon to remain as purty as when we put it in there.  How purty is that?  Honestly, not very, but the AL staining is worse.  I also want the crap to stay in one or 2 places, I don't want it sliding or rolling around.  The carpet will help with this.

Remember when we stopped at Harbor Freight on Easter?  Yeah, we bought a spare tire with a coupon and some cash, so I need to mount that thing somewhere.  Easiest thing to do is to use a stub of threaded rod bolted to the frame to hang it.  We'll see how that holds up; it's cheap, at least.

Ready for some pics?
 Drilled from the outside in, we're left with a sharp burr that has to be removed.
 Yep, did a crappy job painting.

Should hold all of our crap, I think.  need to make a tongue stand to hold it up level when parked, I think maybe a bumper of some sort, so I can stand it on end when not in use.

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