Thursday, October 08, 2015

Birthday. Suck.

Lots of people love their birthday. They have lots of fun, they party, they go around smiling all day. Not me. Oh I know, I don't go around smiling any day. But I look forward to birthdays kinda like people look forward to colonoscopies. And root canals. 

Why? Maybe I'm a grumpy bastard, maybe I expect too much. This year I didn't expect anything, and almost got less. If it weren't for the passenger that gave me a rice krispy bar, the day would have totally sucked. 

I can think of a few birthdays that were good. I recall one year riding my motorcycle all around, and then going to dinner with some friends. That was nice...Val had arranged a good group. I think I remember our first year I surprised her by showing up, we went to the rochesterfest parade.

I only remember having one bday party growing up, had it at Bibbons Park. I don't remember who was there, but I do remember who didn't come. This should have been a clue for the rest of my life. 

Focus on the bad, disregard the good.

I remember having to share my bday with my cousin, since she had the misfortune of being born the same day. Must have been kind of like being twins, even though she was several years older. What the fuck is the fun of holding someone down and tickling them? It's goddamn torture, is what it is. Thanks a lot you fucking cousins.

I turned 21, went to Casey's and bought a 6pack of beer. Went to where Dad worked, and gave him one. He says "oh, is it your bday?" 

I turned 30, had to clean a fridge at the apt complex. It had been w/o power for 3 weeks, full of what used to be food. No hot water. The manager says "why don't you just move it to the office and plug it in, you can't throw away her property". 

what a fucking idiot

Facebook is great, though, huh? More than 100 people have sent a happy birthday greeting. I think a lot of them are sincere, too. Since I send almost everyone on my friends list one, I kinda wonder if it's just retribution. Half of them say "enjoy the day", kind like a command. Maybe that's the problem...I tend to do the opposite if possible. Sure as hell managed that today. 

Maybe I should take the day off and do whatever I want to do. The problem is that I cannot do what I want to do. And I'm not going to talk about that right now.

I wrote this on my birthday, but didn't post it. I don't remember why, probably because I'd been drinking heavily. Why post it now? Ah, WTF. 

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