Friday, September 09, 2016

recovery 9/9/16

I've been home about 24 hours now.  It's been quite a struggle....had to get up and find the bathroom w/o any pain killers....I'd taken some tylenol at 7pmish. 4pmish was last of hospital pills, so when I woke about 9am, I'm sure they were all worn off.

I could feel the front fractures. 

Not the best feeling in the world. Not peeing in my only chair was rewarding, though.

Oh, what happened? On FB, I joke and say it was a improper parking of my motorcycle. In reality, a little car shoved me down. Maybe they ran over me and that's why I have 7 broken ribs, 5 broken twice. I don't know why my toe is broken. Sympathy?

So anyway, today? yeah, my driver helped set up my cpap, I got some water and pillows, blankets, sat down here and slept for about 10 hours. Nice. Was able to get up to pee. Had some PB&J, coffee, water, advil, tylenol and normal diabetic/hypertension drugs. 

BTW, the cat was very glad to see me last night, but now he just wants to go outside. Dumbass doesn't realize it's been raining and likely to rain some more.

A friend was coming over today for moral support, i had planned to put her to work rearranging the kitchen a little, but didn't much. I thought ahead and switched pharmacies. Why does anyone use Wallymart pharmacy when it's so easy to use weber and judd? We walked down there, and then back in the rain. Brrr. Oh well. gotta do crazy stuff before you die, right?

Not sure it was the drugs, or stage fright, but there was no poop for 4 days, finally yesterday with the aid of some fun stuff, i.e. milk of magnesia and then a torpedo, got some results. Timing was good, moved from the crapper to the shower, etc. 

Today timing was not as good, but it's ok, since even though my right shoulder isn't 100%, my right arm still reaches and can perform the required task. NO Pics. 

See? I do care about you people.

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