Saturday, September 10, 2016

Recovery Sept 10 16

Damn blogger thing. I hate serif font.Why is the default a serif??

Sept 10. Tammy's bday. Jeff and Sheila's anniversary. Was my anniversary for 20 years, too. 22 years ago was a hot Saturday, I was spared a lot of the annoying BS that goes along with the wedding. I'm not in contact with any of the guys that stood up with me, except I could contact Steve. Kinda miss Jeff and Troy.....Danny a little....he didn't treat Kris as well as he should have.....

Oh sure. I know most of you reading this have not a single clue about any of that. Want to know? ask. What else do I have but time and irritation for the next several weeks???

OK, so I went on a bike ride last weekend. Left Friday afternoon, spent the night in Dubuque. Had a great time, saw the Julien Dubuque memorial and park. Saw the lead shot tower, went to the farmer's market, left town in such a way to see Illinios. Went to the Dickeyville Grotto, had a picnic lunch. Went to Plattville, saw the largest M in the world. Disney used it a few times, I believe. Saw a lead mine. Went to Potosi and on to Lancaster for the night. 

McDonald's for breakfast, went straight to Mineral Point, to ride the Cheese Country Trail, which is an ATV trail open to motorcycles too. Kind of rough for that, to be honest. But fun....Got to a rest area and took off, instead of going on to Monroe.  Went to the toy train barn near Argyle, which is awesome. Went to Yellowstone park for lunch. Was heading to the mustard museum which is on the west side of Madison when a tan car turned right into the bike. 

I came to with a beautiful dark haired women on me...I think she mashed her boobs all over my helmet, which spoiled all of that fun. I have lots of memories from that time, but it's very very weird. Like time stood still. Like I was dreaming. I could feel them cutting my clothes off, but could still feel my shorty shorts. I could sense the people dreading trying to pick me up. I could feel them take off my helmet, and put on a collar. They put ear muffs on me for the helicopter ride, but didn't let me look out the window. It was a fairly smooth landing, one lumpety bump.

Glucose all over, but mostly high. Some dickhead says test every hour. Which means they woke me up every hour. I didn't appreciate that. I let them know that I didn't appreciate that. I made certain that the doctor knew that I did not appreciate that. 

I'd insert some pics, but I didn't take many. and they are on the phone. etc. 

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