Saturday, September 10, 2016

recovery 9 10 16

Yeah, so anyway. I forgot what I put in today's episode, but know I holler curse words frequently when I keep misspelling words. 

I've got neck pain, a headache. some hand pain, shoulder pain rib pain, ankle pain. Hand and ankle is just due to road rash.  On enough pain killers that the neck should be happy. Ungrateful bastard.

So yeah, a little car crashed my bike. It's great when people call or text, asking if I need help. Trouble is.....I don't know know what I need. I can't remember what I need for groceries. I'm no expert yet, but what I know is this: 

new line to make sure it is special and stands out. watch this:

mssg or call, say: I'm going to the grocery store or Kwik Trip, do you need anything. I'll wait while you look

On the other hand. If someone (I) mssg you and says will you go to sam's club for something.....just do that and get that. Because I really don't know what to do with a rotisserie chicken. I know I don't want to fool with chicken skin. I don't want to fool with ligaments and tendons. I don't want overcooked meat. Yes, I'm ungrateful. But I paid for it.....and seriously, gala apples? Didn't I specify either braeburn or honeycrisp? 

Sorry, rant over. I know she did what she thought best.  Went to WalMart, even though she knows I go to aldi....bought a few freezer things....thanks, I do appreciate it.  I know it doesn't sound like it.....but.....a rotisserie chicken? 

Try this: I've got an hour or 2, can I pick you up and take you to the grocery store or out to eat? Or come visit?

FUCK a new rant. Harvest Jam. Super duper loud country music that I can hear in my house with the windows shut. 

I can hear my pulse in my left ear. I have a constant headache. It's not warm in my house, and I hope that's why I'm cold. but I'm sometimes too warm too. 

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