Saturday, September 10, 2016

Recovery sept 11 16

Can't dive into my own thing right away today. I do remember where I was...and I also cringe how unaware I was then. That hasn't much changed, although I'm more respectful and patriotic now. I was driving my bus. and someone said "someone crashed a plane into the world trade center" I said "does that affect us?" "Not really, not directly" "Ok".  

But of course it did and still does. I'm disappointed with our gov't. Then and esp now.

Enough about politics....recovery. Fun times. I'll keep flashing back to the hospital stay, too. I'll probably repeat a lot of it and for that I'm mildly apologetic. I'll blame the cat that's sitting on my left wrist. A cop was yelling at me in the ER. Bitching at me? I'm irritated by that.

I'm more irritated by the doc that felt it so important to torture me with the diabetes treatment. Glucose was high, right? Turns out that stress and injury and not eating and all sorts of things contribute to that. So what's the treatment? Wake me every hour so they can sample my glucose level because they put in a insulin drip.  "Gotta get the glucose level down so you heal quickly" Guess what, medical people??? My pharmacy doesn't have the Rx you gave me until at least Monday, so what the fuck is the big deal?  Pretty sure sleeping thru the night is important. 

So anyway. I guess I've been home 3 nights now. And I've slept though the night. Around 11 hours each night, and usually a nap in the middle.  Last night, actually mid day, I was cold. Finally closed some windows and mid sleep, woke up warm. So the blankets got moved around. I use 2 fleecy blankets, a smaller green one on my legs and a larger blue/gray with some pattern on it on the upper half. Just the green for a nap, usually. 

Aren't you glad to know that? I was also wearing wearing my ugly brown's not flannel, but it's really warm....I can see thru it, it's so old....prob 10 years now....bought at fleet farm for $3, clearance. I've stained it so many time, with black die, with walnuts, etc. and it saved my good polo once when some wood stain jumped out of the can and tried to kill it. Old brown caught all that stain and saved the day. I had a pic on FB last year or 2 years ago regarding buttons.....

So anyway, when I got up I was a little cool, until I drank a cup of coffee, been hot every since. Frustrating. Confusing. Don't understand how it all works. I guess I'll start with my thermostat, see what the temp is. Prob the same yesterday, since windows in the east side of the house are still open.

Whew. morning nap. Karen is highly offended....she must be ultra liberal, I always suspected she was...but she maybe should be aware that my filter, which is sketchy at best, is pretty much non-existent now. 

These drugs are interesting....I remember a side effect saying it'll make me clumsy. Of course I remembered that after crashing into a couple door frames. with the backs of my hands. 

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