Monday, September 12, 2016

recovery 9 12 16

It's not really the 12th. It's 2am. But I was tired at 8 and didn't take any pain pills. My cpap mask came apart, I woke up, all sorts of fun. I've seen 2am a few times these last couple years, occasionally for fun stuff, occasionally just up late leaving a bar or party. 

One thing is for sure today? George is confused.

Main issue with recovery? hands. The road rash....See....when my hands drug across the street, the skin didn't come off, but it came loose in several areas and it bled a little around it. They didn't do anything about it initially. One nurse did put some goop on the right hand and bandaged it....that meant that the next time I showered the skin came off of that area which left it really bright red. Picture a really red steak. She got to rebandage it. But now the blood is all crusty and catches on the blanket and is rather painful. The other is worse, since the skin has come half off and is standing up straight.

Yes, i should try to bandage it. But...would it be successful? Smear some goop on it, then the goop on my fingers will keep any tape from sticking. Probably just making excuses. 

Enjoyed a hot dish last night, impossible hamburger something or other....dropped off by my exwife. She turned on the oven for me too, and brought some crispy bars. Thanks, Val....It was quite good.

Been thinking of what I can do during this off time, before I go back to work....and of course the answer is: Hobbies!

But which hobby? Can't be giving massage....with scuffed up hands and flexible ribs.  Can't be doing woodwork for a few reasons. Get too tired, stuff is heavy, hands, ribs, etc. Cooking? Gardening? Canning? Cleaning? Painting? Welding? Fishing? hmmmmm. LOL  Might be able to do some leatherwork, I don't know yet. I do have a project that needs done...But once I'm done with that project....then what will I make? Hmmmmmmm 
Make suggestions, please!

My issue with recovery? my neck is stiff and my head hurts. I can handle the hands and ribs. But the constant headache......

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