Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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I have a confession to make. OH, nothing magical or scary or wonderous.

Strangest thing, I'll get up from my recliner, and stumble to the bathroom. The pills that make me clumsy don't really affect me in that direction. Or maybe I'm only clumsy w/o the pills. I don't know....I can't keep track.

I've never before sat back/leaned back on the the seat of the toilet. It's remarkably comfortable.  It really is. I find myself getting in there, sitting to pee, and then when I think I'm done, leaning back for a few minutes to rest up.

I've probably never done this due to the tank on a toilet where I lived a couple years in Creston, IA, a cute little house that was a terrible POS. Floor was terribly uneven. Had a gas space heater in the living room, which meant the bathroom was cold. Claw foot tub, btw. Had a 40 year old fridge and counters and cupboards. I didn't bother to clean it much.  It was better than renting a bedroom only, though. Nice to have a kitchen and bathroom of my own....

Anyway. Seems like that tank went to leaking, and I found another, but something about the holes didn't line up, something. Or maybe it was meant to be mounted on the wall? Anyway, I propped it up on 2x4, and was very careful with it. LOL Maybe Steve remembers....he rented it for a year or 2 after I moved to MN.  The place had a flat yard and wide driveway, so it wasn't w/o merit. LOL

BTW, the toilet in my house? I replaced it a number of years ago, it's a tall toilet with a oblong seat. I don't know why the tall crappers are not standard, except in places that have little kids. I know that it was very beneficial for Val when she had her numerous surgeries, esp the hip replacement, which of course, was the impetus for this blog. Some of you were on an email list where I'd write mssg to keep you informed as to her status. I thought they were hilarious. I don't think these are too funny. I wish they were.....I really don't remember the things I said to the nurses....they either pretended it was funny or maybe it actually was. 

I do remember quite vividly standing and leaning in preparation for the torpedo...hearing the nurse keep applying gloves and gloves, and gloves, and asking her how many gloves she was going to wear.  Can't say I blame her for wearing 2....or at least 2 was all she admitted to wearing. She did chuckle about that. But relating it doesn't seem too funny. 

I'm not willing to consume any bourbon (esp at 730 am) to help it to be funny....you get what you get.

Hey, just in case you're wondering....I'm willing to entertain visitors, and you don't have to bring anything. I don't sit around here naked, and I've been showering every day. Bonus points if you want to rub my neck. :)

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