Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9 13 16 more recovery

I think I'm lucky to have gone thru massage school, so that I know a little about the body. I woke up early this morning, well......hell. I was in bed. ERRRR asleep about 8pm, so I woke up or gave up trying to sleep around 6. I noticed that I had a spot mid back that was really f'ing painful. I took my pills and had coffee and breakfast (which is about enough to make me want to rest), so I rested for 2 hours, or until I had to pee again. 

So then I ponder: what's going on with my back. Yes, I make lots of jokes about being dumb or lack the process of thought. But really....I'm not serious about that. I have found that with nearly everything (insurance is an exception) that if I take some time and think about things....I can figure it out. Relationships are another exception.....women are magnificent creatures, but tremendously puzzling. I think I'm missing about 2 keys there.

Ok, my back. Oh, sure. I've got broken or fractured ribs.  The must be just fractured, certainly not compound fractures, since they don't stick out of my hide or into my lungs. Ok, that's good.Why do I have this pain that I didn't  have yesterday? Dunno, been 2 hours for the pills to kick in, that's not it. 

What to do. Hurts like a MFer. Spasms, like maybe a kidney is on fire. Truthfully, even though I was just bragging about my body knowledge, I don't really know where the kidneys are....but I think they are lower than there this was, plus this was quite near the spine. I also don't know where the fractures are in back. In front, they are pretty close to my nipple. Want to see  a pic of my nipple? I didn't think so.  

In case you are really curious and I have not mentioned it: 3-9 in back and 3-7 in front, on the right side.

I got lost in all of that....to help my pain? I went for a walk. I have an old wood cane, I made sure I had my pants, and George wanted to go out. I walked down my street, which is mostly 2 blocks long....I walked down to about 215, stopping to rest about halfway. On the way back, I felt a major improvement....was able to stand up and breathe better.....and it's been better ever since. Not perfect. But I have to save some energy.....Susie is coming to take me to the grocery store. And I had to start some laundry.

Yesterday and in days past I've been able to bend clear over to pick up stuff. Pill, soap, etc. Today I can't. I really can't bend over to pick up the laundry basket....so maybe it's good that you have not brought over a hot dish. But I still got my laundry basket downstairs and the clothes washed. Curious??

Simple. I tugged the basket down the stairs with the cane. When it was several steps up, I picked it up while I was standing on the basement floor. Easy to carry it to the washer, where I don't have to put it down to load the washer.....the soap is on a shelf about neck high. I plan to ask Susie to switch them over for me so they can dry....and hopefully by the time I need the clothes, I'll either have some help or will have recovered sufficiently that I can get them. 

Yeah, I know you don't care about me doing laundry. But tomorrow! I'll be washing dishes! 

Something funny? Sorry, I don't have have any. My ears are roaring, hopefully it's a result of the knock on the head. I have a headache. I keep bumping my hands into the door frames. But I manage to get to the bathroom before I pee. I've only smashed my broken toe into the tub once. Getting there, one day at a time.

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