Wednesday, November 16, 2016

10 weeks recovery

Yes, I know today is Wednesday, and 10 weeks since the crash was on Sunday. But guess what? On Sunday afternoon, I was busy gathering wood for a project.

 On Sunday evening, I was busy watching the moon rise. 
On Monday I was at my community ed class. Tuesday night uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't remember what I did; I think I celebrated my printer working, by printing a huge file. Don't worry, nothing has changed....

Last Tuesday, election day I went to see my doctor, for a couple things. Mainly to talk about the victoza. She had reviewed my file from UWMadison and says I'm doing more great than any of you think. I told her it's because I'm from Iowa, but she didn't seem impressed. I went in search of the file, and found it, read some of the CTscan notes. Friends....I am a lucky dude. I think my head bled more than I initially thought. Kinda reads like it bled on 2 sides. And I punctured a kidney, but never had any blood in the pee.....that I could see. 

I had a little dizzy spell on Sunday after watching the moon. I notice a somewhat sharp pain in my abdomen when I sneeze. I'll do a little ab massage, and have George focus his purrs. LOL

I know you're wondering what class I'm taking. Or did I already mention it? I can't remember. Seems like I hardly ever remember what I post here...and it used to be that I'd always remember what I'd write...but that was when I was taking notes in high school. 

If I recall, the doc said that most people would be just now peeling themselves out of the recliner. I said I was back to work at 2 weeks.  Do most people have more tolerance for sitting around? Am I not smart enough to take it easy and rest to recover? I dunno.....I'm pretty sure that I only overdid things a couple times and not too severely. I don't think those times set me back at all....except on the Jenga project. But I finally got it done.

I built this for my community ed class projects. That was some hard wire....but I think I should have made the base just a bit larger.

What else can I tell you? My elbow does not like being used as a "kickstand" (can't prop myself on it). Recovery complete? 
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