Sunday, November 06, 2016

recovery, 9 weeks

For the last hour, I've been sitting here berating myself for being so out of shape. Then I listed what I accomplished, and I don't feel too bad about it. I worked in the basement for a few hours this morning, had a nap and lunch, then went out to do a few things outside. 

I didn't tell you the last 2 weeks, but the last two Sundays, I didn't go outside at all. 

And I wonder that I'm out of shape? LOL. After lunch, I cleaned my gutters. Always best to plan it when there's no plans to give anyone a massage, because it makes my hands smell bad for a day or so. Yes, I wash. The gutters were clear full, as usual, and the locust and elm tree are still covered with leaves. I may get to do it again! Yay!. One gutter to downspout connection needed repair, so that was fixed.

While the ladder is out, I better trim the tree from scraping the roof of the garage. That fiberglass pole saw has come in very handy over the years. Actually the saw sucks, but the small branch lopper is great. Just hook it over the branch and pull the rope. Do it too much tho and you'll have a sore chest.  Don't ask me how I know. LOL BTW, it helps a lot to lube pivot points of the mechanism.

Mow the lawn. Remember I mowed the flat section on week 2, and it hasn't been mowed since. Lucky it's been dry, I guess. It was much easier to start the mower today than that day, too. Maybe recovery helping. Wearing shoes also helps, can you imagine? Not going to trim....not even tempted. 

Sweep patio, haul freshly trimmed branches to the firepit. 2 wheelbarrow loads of leaves and twigs. Should be interesting, I'll put the 2 buckets of sawdust over the leaves, and then burn my bucket of scraps. Not sure when. Do you want to come over for the fire? Could make smores......last time I did that: built the fire on top of a pile of sawdust, the sawdust smoldered for about 3 days till it finally burned itself out, despite watering it before I went to bed. I've emptied the scrap bucket 3 times this year, it's a 32 gallon trash can...and the scraps are all short.

Put hose into new hose reel and store in garage. I don't like how it looked when it wrapped up, looks like the hose kinked. Normally I like kinks, but not in this application of the hose.

I guess all of that only took 2 hours. Driving a bus all day every day isn't good for me....but I hate the idea of giving up my shop time to exercise. Seems like shop time is (should be) exercise! 

Two years ago on Thanksgiving, a friend dropped off a whiskey barrel that he used as a rain barrel for a number of years, and it's been sitting on my patio ever since....I can't think of what to do with the pieces. It's rather weathered oak....and when I moved it today, the ungrateful fucker stuck a splinter into my index finger under the nail.  I understand very well why that was used as torture. 

Recovery. I had something I was going to tell you, thought of it last week. It was pretty good, too. Oh's gone now. Can I still blame the concussion?

Got the hospital bill, and it's not as much as expected. However. If I pay $100/month, it'll take 70 years.....and I don't plan to live for 70 years. So that pic thingy you've seen on FB: I'm scheduled to work up till noon on the day of my funeral....that's me. Bill indicates that insurance hasn't contributed anything. Guess I'll have to call them. But....who? the hospital or the insurance company? Maybe send the bill to oBama....since he has made it so affordable, and whatever.

Maybe I was going to comment on my sleeping? I recall complaining about it once. Sleep is good. When the bed is not hard, I always sleep well. Well, that one time in February a couple years ago I didn't sleep very well for a while. But we're not talking about that.  Used to be (since the crash) that I'd have a dizzy spell when I'd lay down in bed, but that has pretty much gone away.  I've not had occasion to assume that weird bend to the left and turn the head to look up position for a while. 

Actually. Maybe I sort of did today, when I kinda washed the basement windows. I say kinda because all I did was take a wet cloth and wash the dirt off of them. And I also wiped the screen on the other windows. (that makes a lot of difference....if you're washing your windows, try washing your screens too). It'll be nice to have a little more light in the basement. But I don't remember being dizzy today when doing that. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Everything else, though, seems ok. I feel a slight irritation/discomfort when putting a left sock on the right foot. J/K. somehow the sock (short/crew) somehow irritates that area that was rashed? I don't know, can't be bothered to look at it.  Rashy area continue to look better and less red, Hmmmm. want a pic? Ribs? what ribs. I don't notice anything. The back pain/discomfort went away when that weird pain in front went away.  Toes continue to improve very slowly. I still only notice then when I wriggle them.  My shoes, however, continue to come apart. I'm glad again it's been a dry autumn. 

Remember how I rode the motorcycle around the neighborhood on week 6. Well, I had to go to the post office on Nov 1 or 2, so I rode it over. And then I rode to work on Friday. Felt good to ride again, friends. I might ride again this week, depends on forecast. Riding can be therapeutic, too.

Unless you crash. Thanks for caring.
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